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  1. im gonna be honest. this really is'nt a good idea. alot of people would not even play zombies if the dogs were like that. but keep your head up :)
  2. Hey guys, i really don't know if there's a thread for this but oh well. What would be your ideal custom made zombie map Easter Egg. here would be mine for the new map we kinda know about: i think they should make an easter egg where you're on earth and you gotta find lost documents of plans from centuries ago regarding element 115 and when you find them all your character wants to show this to scientists but as soon as you find them all an emergency broadcast will be televised about the missles on moon coming to earth and have to evacuate into some kind of panic room or something like that and it ends the game. is it the best idea? no, but hey it's a start. now what about you my friends?
  3. that sounds pretty cool. it sounds like an american made version of the wonderwaffe/scavenger nice idea
  4. i was reading the tweets too and all i can really make out of it is that he was probably testing out zombies and its most likely done or near completion. thats about all i can make out of it :lol:
  5. i saw this on another thread to and i loved the idea. It really does'nt seem all that over powered and i could imagine it being on black ops 2 if they went that direction.
  6. if im correct, they showed that you can put down a riot shield and uase it as cover. i like the idea and hate it at the same time. main reason campers are going to abuse the hell out of it unless they made a way to counter it.
  7. Hey guys, I already know that there is already threads about wonder weapons but i decided to make one where people could really think about what type of wonder weapon they would want and the weapon can't be overpowered. like my idea for an ideal wonder weapon: my wunder-weapon Name: Chesters Revenge/ Pack-A-Punched name: The evil Chester Type: Pump action shotgun Ammo:4/12 max ammo, 6/18 pack-a-punched max ammo Description: it basically looks like a winchester but the barrel is like the trench gun from [email protected] The reload time takes about four to five seconds. The regular color is medium-dark grey with 2 silver stripes going down the barrel glowing a white neon color. the pack-a-punched version is pure black with 4 maroon thin stripes going down the barrel glowing a red neon color with little red numbers floating around it. an added feature to the pack-a-punched version of the gun is a bayonette below the barrel. Regular effects: The effects of the gun in its regular state is it would make the zombies have a white type of aura surrounding them and when shot in the early rounds like until round 19 it will be an instant kill. at round 20+ it will push the zombies who got hit by the shot back. The sound made would be a mix of chirping birds and a huge bang. Pack-A-Punched effects: The Pack-A-Punched effects of the gun is when shot it will push the zombie and the zombies around the one(s) hit by the shot push back and have a red type of aura surrounding them and then a mini explosion will occur. This will be an instant kill until round 25. The bayonette attached will have a fast swift stabbing action and will be an instant kill until round 16. The sound of the shot would be a mix of a huge bang and a faint demonic type of scream. tell me what you think of my wunder-weapon my fellow zombie slayers and please leave your legit non over-powered wonder weapons below -Ace p.s. i think mine is a little over powered :P
  8. i was actually thinkning it was in manhattan because in kino theres that bunch of letters that says manhattan down and i've always thought it manhattan would be a map
  9. that sounds like an amazing wonder weapon but at the same time it reminds me of that laser cannon in halo, but either way i really hope its in the game
  10. yeah i bet there will only be a little 5 second hint towards it or they'll probably show a little gameplay or something
  11. Hey guys as some of you may know there was a tweet saying that on the 7th there will be a multiplayer trailer or look into multiplayer. if you dont believe me click the link. https://twitter.com/CallofDuty what does this have to do with zombies? well zombies are now using the multiplayer engine so it is possible that there will be a sneak peak at zombies and i kid you not im crossing my fingers for it! what do you guys think?
  12. i cant wait for the 7th to come! there might be at least a hint or a little look at zombies since its in the multiplayer engine now.
  13. WOW. This story is just amazing. You've blown my mind with this tale and you deserve applause and [brains].
  14. i've always wanted to dropkick a zombie...
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