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  1. Maybe a hint towards Dead ops again? EDIT: nvm it is pitfall , still epic! :D
  2. Pardon my speech but HOLY FUCK THAT LOOKS AMAZING, im so hyped!!
  3. Call of duty twitter and face book page just posted that they are doing a tour on nuketown 2025 tomorrow! Tweet - https://twitter.com/CallofDuty/status/263868045578092544/photo/1 Facebook post - http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid= ... 669&type=1
  4. Did the whole episode air? It's not on the site yet. Sorry! I didn't see this message because i was at school. I see the other guy helped you out, i hope you enjoyed it :D
  5. That was... amazing. I don't think I've ever been this hyped since mw2.
  6. DID YOU GUYS SEE THE INTRO?!?!? Theater mode confirmed for zombies!
  7. I live in the central part of the united states... Anyone know when it airs for me? :?
  8. I love the idea sounds badass. It would be cool if they ended zombies with this and like you said they discover alien pyramids. like the next game instead of zombies its aliens? Would be cool but i doubt fans would like it. Me personally i would love it. :D
  9. Heres some gameplay footage and it shows the crossbow and a map called "hijack"
  10. url if its too big - Ok so this is the full map. And also these emblems/medals or signs that are assigned to each area - http://imgur.com/MUhuy http://imgur.com/GqhA2 http://imgur.com/QHbwa (I had to post links to the pictures because when i previewed them they were too big ;P Now my point/question is, do those signify the difficulty's of the areas? Please feel free to post any idea on what you think it is :D
  11. At first i was really disapointed cause all that hype and i didn't really see the original characters which was why i was dissapointed i also thought that map they showed was going to replace the original survival... then i read that article AND HOLY FUCKING SHIT THIS IS SO AMAZING I MEAN A FREE ROAM CAMPAIGN MODE?!?!? OMG. AND THE 4Z4 GRIEF SOUNDS AMAZING ASWELL GOOD OB TREYARCH KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! . and when people say "looks like the zombie core is changing" i mean we still have the survival with the characters we love.. they just added new modes which is good for zombies cause it gives us much more to do. plus the campaign fans will go for campaign and the original survivor fans will go for that mode. They give both fanbases a pleasure in playing and it satifies both fans. Like i said if you think it changes the core too much then play the original mode and don't play the other. No offense of course Sorry if what i said didn't make sence, i typed this in a hurry. ily
  12. Sorry if someone had said this already, but is it possible for the original four after moon to travel back to no mans lands/dead mans land and since nuketown is in nevada they should be near eachother they arrive at nuketown and drive the truck trying to escape? In the new map it shows it crashed into a wall. I'm probably overthinking it though :P
  13. Where did you find this? nvm i found it , epic! but i think theres already another thread on this. http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=100&t=24305
  14. Are you sure? I remember a cod behind the scenes trailer and one of the zombie developers were like "we wanted to make this badass zombie slaying chick for zombies" but my memory is faint... I mean it could be that Samantha switched to her body after she was in to Richthofens body the soul switching thing that was on zielinkskis (sorry if I spelt his last name wrong) twitter bio... I was never in the thread where they were trying I figure out who the girl was And if she was playable or not so I'm not sure what conclusion they got to or even if they it a conclusion. Plus the posters that they have made for zombies have always been with real characters on them.
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