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  1. Been away for a while...

    1. way2g00d


      welcome back! I reached 376 last night playing Iron banner! Also check this article out, for good laughs. "http://finance.yahoo.com/news/heres-exploit-destiny-exotic-engrams-204638935.html"

  2. http://community.callofduty.com/message ... #413694019 http://www.facebook.com/BlackOps2BrokeMyPs3 and I'm guessing there are many more sites. It's ridiculous. I even replaced my Blu ray drive thinking that it might have just been worn out, but nope. Black Ops 2 still froze and damaged my console. Every other game worked fine, but now I'm having to try a full default system restore to try and get it to read games again. This is with a brand spanking new Blu ray drive. The worst part is how pathetic Activision support is. They have no idea what they're doing. For example, this is
  3. From what I've heard, if you go in store and 'buy' the season pass you basically get a £35 PSN top up voucher (I'm not sure abot xbox). If I were you I'd wait and see if it comes down in price, the DLC won't be released untill next year anyway. £41.99 for PS3, but only £32.99 for xbox, takes the mick.
  4. Yup, this game is a huge disappointment for me. First off, it keeps crashing my PS3. It made me replace my Blu ray drive it crashed that often. Sick of seeing the 'your storage system is corrupted' screen, restoring the system, just to play again and experience another crash. No response on twitter or from their customer support. They keep stating that my case has been 'resolved' when it clearly hasn't :evil: I pay for good internet, 30MB download speed. Lag comp whoops my backside so bad It's downright disgusting. I'm not fussed about my K/D, but the amount of WTF deaths is unbel
  5. This might be classed as a spoiler, because But I agree.
  6. Maz


    And now, my PS3 will not read any discs. I'm so angry I'm calm if that makes any sense. I'm lost for words. Let me know if anyone else has this problem. I had absolutely no problems with any games before, and it's a relatively new console. I've only had one hard lock experience with it prior to playing black ops 2, and that was about 2 months ago. Had absolutely no problem with my Blu ray before, no weird noises, no stuttering, absolutely nothing. I am so unbelievably angry.
  7. Maz


    Indeed. Still the same for me. It actually crashed straight after installing the update. Then crashed loading the game up. Then crashed again after finishing one match. I believe I'm somewhere in the 50-60 crashes range. Absolutely fuming :evil: This is beyond a joke.
  8. Maz


    Funny... My Xbox hasn't froze once... Way to add to the joy...
  9. Maz


    Taking their sweet time about it :evil: And sorry, had to rant.
  10. Maz


    I'M SICK AND TIRED OF THIS GAME FREEZING MY FUCKING PS3! OVER 50 GODDAMN TIMES!!! TREYARCH SORT THIS SHIT OUT! CAPS LOCK RAGE!!!!! SERIOUSLY, I AM MORE THAN WILLING TO PUNCH EVERY IDIOT WHO WORKED ON BLACK OPS 2 IN THE GODDAMN FACE. STOP CRASHING MY FUCKING PS3 YOU BASTARDS! GET THE DAMN PATCH OUT NOW! I DID NOT PAY £70 TO SCREW UP MY CONSOLE. YOU FUCKERS!. Drunken rant over, but seriously, every time I play Tranzit/Multiplayer/Campaign it crashes. Wtf? Not off topic, it's mainly zombies. Investing 2 or 3 hours just for it to crash? PS. Sorry about my language, I a
  11. Unfortunately, they switched the song from Skrillex's "I'mma Try It Out" to Carrion by Kevin Sherwood. THANK THE GODS! It was bad enough I have to hear it in MP, I'm so glad they swapped it. I have nothing against dubstep or the people that enjoy it, but I personally don't feel that it should be in any way connected to zombies. But, to each their own.
  12. I agree, bring her back! And yes, the Nuketown EE song was very disappointing. What happened to all the good music? I haven't bothered trying to find the tranzit one because I heard it was dubstep.
  13. I was saving my 115th post for a zombie thread, but I felt the urge to post here. I'm definitely pissed off. I only preordered for the preorder bonus. I only bought the hardened for Nuketown zombies. So wtf, I had to seriously scrimp and save for this, because money is so damn tight at the moment. GF's birthday, brothers birthday and then my sisters birthday and christmas coming up, and kids toys aren't cheap. Thank the gods I only have one. To top it off, my codes don't work and the game keeps crashing my ps3. FFS. I do enjoy the game, when it works, but I didn't pay that much for
  14. To loot the convoy without killing them just use your fists, but try to avoid throwing them into trees and smashing their heads open etc. As long as they're still rolling about on the floor you should be O.K. And I hated those board games :lol:
  15. I was not expecting 'them apples'. Hell of a good twist. And the ending was quite twisty too. Would hate to spoil anything for anyone, so Far too many bugs and glitches for a product that's been in development for 3 years in my opinion. It's still playable, and it's a hell of a good game, but some we're extremely irritating. Multiplayer is quite fun, although I couldn't play it for more than 2 or 3 hours at a time. All in all, a fantastic game, but for anyone who might be interested in buying it either prepare for a few bugs or wait a few weeks for another patch. Got the Platin
  16. Hence my apology at the bottom of the original post... :oops:
  17. Thank the Gods, I've managed to find a shop near me that's doing a midnight release! Only 8.5 hours to go Can't wait!
  18. http://www.ps3trophies.org/news/news-82 ... Actor.html Quoted from the site: I'll take it with a pinch of salt, and if it is true I still think I'll give it a miss after the mess mw3 was/is. So, anyone surprised? (not sure if this would be classed as a leak? It isn't official but it's classed as news? Sorry if it is)
  19. Maz

    uhh... wtf?

    Yup, had that a few times. My only advice is to damage the astro zombie so that it only needs one or two blasts to kill, just in case.
  20. Maz


    Hello there, I was the same. Lurked about since Black Ops came out, only signed up a few months ago. Hope you have fun.
  21. If you haven't played since the second game, there have been many improvements. Too many to list here, so you'd probably be better checking out a review or a few videos. http://www.ps3trophies.org/news/news-78 ... -Done.html If you're not too sure you should at least give it a rent, although I have heard that the beginning of the game is a bit slow it's definitely worth sticking with. I understand what you mean, but I disagree. The hookblade was a bit daft, as was the den defence, but I think bombs were an interesting addition. As was the master assassin missions. The th
  22. I hope they'll have a few more before release. I can't remember how many mw3 had, but I remember it was more than one. Fingers crossed for a true zombies live action Extremely hyped for this game. This trailer didn't increase the hype for me, but it did 'remind' me of how I felt when they started releasing info. If that makes sense(?)
  23. Us assassins are all ways outnumbered I'm quite surprised too, I expected quite a few people would be interested. Definitely more than two, but after all this is a all of duty Zombies forum. It's a damn shame really because it's such a great series. Agreed. I think all games should be released on the same day everywhere. Same goes for DLC. Quite... irritated that xbox gets the DLC early again but it is Activision after all :evil:
  24. It got removed? OH god it did!! It was from the official CoD channel too! Hilarious!! Well, that's weird. Managed to find it in my history and watch it again, so I have no idea what's happened. I'll repost the youtube link just in case. How odd
  25. Awesome. Did you enjoy it? Over the top? Or a copy of last years MW3 (but much better)? Personally I thought it was a bit too similar to last years live action, but a lot better. *Wasn't 100% sure where to stick this. Apologies if it's in the wrong section.
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