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  1. until HD footage is uploaded, here is a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWnhjsZbyOw
  2. meh, very disappointed...hardly any info at all...what are the new modes? can we prestige? was so pumped for this :(
  3. So Reza just posted this via twitter: ١٢ԺԲιβʹΔΙΙיב१२௧௨Ⅻ๑๒൧൨12h! https://twitter.com/_rez_/status/250825377994395648 pretty much means 12 hours to go for me :)
  4. hey guys, just a few questions... does anyone know if it's just going to be uploaded on the callofduty youtube channel? also does anyone know roughly what time? I'm from Australia and I'm trying to work out if I will be awake or not Cheers 2 more days :D
  5. oh mannnnnnnn i'm so unbelievably pumped for this!!! so it looks like the rumored transport mode is true, if that trailers anything to go by! can you imagine someone driving, the rest of us fighting off zombies while a bus is moving! it's going to be EPIC!! man this is going to be the slowest week of my life! haha also I noticed the numberplate said XP-79 don't know if that hints to lvl cap or anything
  6. looks like the farm map to me and some sort of ghost zombie
  7. am I the only one getting really annoyed with all these damn teasers? can't we just have a trailer already or some confirmed info from treyarch...I'm losing my patience...
  8. iWYNg DaDZU OaOaB OZ'Ua TWKZ! hmmm, the only thing I can think of is there is the EB expo over here in 3 weeks where there could be a big zombie reveal... OZ = Australia and TWKZ! = Three Weeks which is when the EB Expo is on in oz... the rest has me stumped... maybe OZ'Ua stands for OZ down under (undar)
  9. http://black-ops-2.blogspot.com.au/p/co ... timer.html ive been checking here all the time haha
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