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  1. as much i would love that i would rather have a cod once in 2 years first year is for example boII dlc and the next year is development for the nex cod
  2. maybe they will implement it like the origin of the original characters and some more backstory but i just think that they will only do a story mode with the maps of black ops and WAW but definatly not the new ones
  3. And treyarch is like crap they found our secret.
  4. I'm expecting ALOT of prototype weapons! THIS IS A JOKE yeah consuming zombies and taking their form or use the claws to tore them up
  5. the message woods says isn't complete i actually think the full sentence is "People think i'm dead besides of the fact that i'm still alive none of this surprises me" or someting along those lines
  6. They should keep the original four and phd and then the switch the remaining perks every game you play
  7. I really want to know what the next update on callofduty.com is its 12 pm over here in like half an hour
  8. Yeah the strange thing is that the coordinate keep changing at first it was the staples center then the convention center and now the middle of the street i might have mixed the first 2 up
  9. Yes i know that i was talking about wat i am richtofen about the numbers meaning death and bad luck. but i didn't say witch one i meant
  10. Bare with me here for a second. The timer in the bottom left corner stops at 4:13. The number 4 in many East Asian countries is considered unlucky because it sounds very similar to their word for "death". The number 13 has a smiler meaning here in America, as many people consider it unlucky as well. And according to Chinese numerology the number 413 means "death throughout lifetime." Just something I thought was interesting. Thats is very interesting i think that it can mean 2 things. 1. a reference to zombies as the are all dead that rose. 2. a sign that the campaign happens in asia and war obviously means death as well
  11. maybe yuri is stealing the weapons in an attempt to steal wonderweapons to restore all the damage that is done by TACITUS just a theory
  12. maybe "Can the zombies ever be stopped" my answer would be no because zombies will continue forever :D
  13. But why would there be a classified picture with todays date on it if what you say is true? Well maybe they are just trying to make us wait.... :L could be but imagine the rage of people waiting the entire day for the picture just to find out that there was no picture at all.
  14. But why would there be a classified picture with todays date on it if what you say is true?
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