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  1. It's a part of the switches, if you change it before that step it will be marked wrong and you then need to change it back.
  2. Very useful, will be planning my sleeping schedule based on these times. Thanks
  3. I got a bit of information on what those zombies that we're buried there might be. They are defiantly knight's Templar. You can tell by their colors on the back of their clothing. Red and white with the cross on the front more then fits the description. I am currently thinking that Edward and Maxis were searching for ancient Christan relics of power. This was done commonly during WWII but beforehand would not surprise me considering they were looking for ancient powers. The knight Templar were soldiers who guarded their ancient religious relics such as the holy grail and the staff of Moses. I have a weird feeling that they we're searching for eternal life by trying to find the holy grail and instead found eternal life through 115. Of course though it isn't quite what they we're thinking.
  4. All right I just looked into this Bar-le-Due or as some sites say Bar-le-Duc. From my understanding it makes great jelly, but that's besides the point. I beleive that this map is not directly on Bar-le-Due but rather is near it, according to multiple websites (google search Bar-le-Duc zeppelin) a zeppelin was shot down near the city. The zeppelin in the trailer leads me to believe that this is specifically a site near but not in the city. I'm going to keep on searching for historical sites around the location but I thought this might be of some insight as to why the zeppelin is there and where the location might be better pin pointed.. Here's a site with the history of the location, hope it helps. http://www.barleduc.fr/rubrique.aspx?Ca ... 9&Niveau=2
  5. Do you guys think it's possible that we will get something similar to what we got as the final map pack for BO1? Will we get a number of zombie maps for the price of one? And an even better question is what will they give us this time? Revamped BO1 maps? New maps? or maybe nothing. What do you guys think?
  6. Yes I am waiting, and its annoying when they don't give us a time to wait for.
  7. Perhaps someone in the opening cutscene? Or even perhaps a character, like in Shangri-la, that helps from the other side of a wall of some sorts?
  8. From what I'm seeing I think that one of the base ideas of this map is the element of fire. We seem to have regular tomahawks, as seen and point out by NGT, then we have the flaming tomahawk. We have the Reznovs revenge, which is fire based. We have the flaming dog head, and we have the candles on the alters. I personally think that upgrading in this map means more then just putting your gun in the Pack-a-punch. I means doing something with either the dog, the alters, or even a whole new method. Enhancing weaponry with fire seems like the theme, and if there is a new way to PAP, then there is likely the old way to PAP as well giving us our choices. Plus I do think the Blunderbuss is a special case, they say there will be some way, so agreeing with the above poster that is a separate case.
  9. So with this new map we have not only new perks, guns, people, and game mechanics, we also have a beautiful new HUD to become accustomed to. We have nice new numbers, and an interesting image for what used to be the analog pad. But there are a few things that are also added to this, including what is in the following image. (right click to view the full image) In here we have what appears to be a new form of special grenade. It seems to be some form of flaming ball of some sort? Personally I think it has something to do with the demon dog that appears to be not only stationary but zombie eating. Now in this image we have two things to try and understand, firstly we have the eye symbol right above the bullet count. I'm not 100% sure but I have a lot of faith in this being how the purgatory system works. We have a set limit as to how many times we can enter this mode, and we can replenish them by following the eye marker that appeared in the trailer at multiple spots. Secondly we have what is in the top left corner, it appears to be a bundle of rope, or maybe a wire? I'm thinking this is a new way to tell us what the parts your carrying are. Instead of the small symbol in the bottom right as previously seen, I think this is just a nice improvement for the buildables system. So what do you think? What does the new special grenade do? What do the eye symbols mean? And what could we be building with this wire, or rope bundle?
  10. This is exactly what I though of when I watched the trailer, a ghostly electric figure that can shoot electricity? Sounds a lot like our friend in Tranzit. Oh top of that in the same area of discussion, it sure seems like this map is based around electricity, the perks all seem to have that interesting volts meter next to them signaling me that you need to power them if the boss zombie kills it. Or even possibly powering it in order to obtain the perk in the first place?
  11. This makes some sense with the whole idea of purgatory. As it became cannon in the last map that the reason we re-spawn is because of those in control trying to manipulate our actions, it would then make sense that since some one new, or no one, is in control the same thing wouldn't happen. In other words we have no one to re-spawn us and control our actions, thus we would go to the afterlife after death, meaning that this new purgatory is basically what happens to normal people in the world of COD zombies, and we are going to see it for the first time this map because these characters are not being messed with like the O4 or the N4. The one place this sort of falls through with is with the original map, and Call of the Dead, but who knows maybe their of importance to Sam at the time of their zombie fighting. But it makes sense, the reason we re-spawn is because of the current announcer, thus something else must happen when we are not key to their plans.
  12. Listen, get the key, use it on the big elevator and when it's resetting get in it and try to get phd.
  13. lets rip this quote out real quick. "players will wield powerful, upgradable Wonder Weaponry" This is great news, this translates to "we not have actual wonder weapons and not a build able strong weapon like the turbine" I was quite disappointed when we didn't have a real wonder weapon on Green Run, but now that we have one defiantly in it that's great.
  14. Wow nice, could you post these cords? I don't quite remember seeing those on the forum, probably just missed them. If you were to most them that would be awesome.
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