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  1. Out of the 3 of us, 1 allready had cryo the other 2 did not. Yea ill prolly try it on solo, just never had a trophy fail before.
  2. Ok so, I was richtofen and got the perks during body switch. My team were ultimately trying to do the big bang EE. However there is no trophy for this on ps3 (I know this and im also on ps3) but just wanted to blow up the earth lol. When the pyrmaid opened up i should of got cyrogenic trophy, but i did not. So i dunno whats up with that. Mad glitch right there, and yes it was the 1st attempt.
  3. You'll have to forgive me for being ever so brief. One would gather that if you got the death machine and perks that you completed the cryogenic EE. Filled the canisters with souls, body switchin. Got the works. Jes no trophy.
  4. Actually last night me and a couple of other zombie slayers were doing this EE. Sam showed, got the death machine,all perks, however no trophy popped. Anybody know whats up here?
  5. Good job on all the conga vids m8, the commentary is awesome. Look forward to future vids. Mayb some more random gameplays with noobs? They're fun to watch.
  6. Man, thats verrukt! Good job. Also i think the best perk a cola for playing zombies is prolly iron brew, all that sugar :o
  7. I think round 10-11 they at full speed(correct me if im wrong elder gods). In the meantime just grab the bowie and insta-kill everything . 8-)
  8. *Waits very nervously for shi no numa, like a fat kid outside a cake shop*
  9. Does anyone know if you can deploy the BAR? It might be worth that very steep price if you can. Otherwise that gun is kind of a rip off.
  10. Wow this is krazy. I can't believe the famas is actually good for something in zombies!!
  11. Nice stuff, I love the bowie knife area. Too bad its kinda hard to loop in the MP40 room as that would spread the spawns out a bit more in co op, and of course access to one of the greatest smg's ever made.
  12. :) Disagree with 3 things: 1. Nova zombies arent good, they suck ass. 2. Bowie knife isnt hard to get if you know how to get it(yes after power is activated). 3. 2 places to fend off? NEIN! Theres possibly more places to loop here than ascension.
  13. Hell yea man, i guess you got motivated to do some classic maps after all . Well like you allways say in your videos m8, you "rock the planet".
  14. I wish they put a different weapon in that room. Because there is another BAR upstairs aswell. 2 of the same wall weapon? kinda suxx.
  15. Im actually a fan of the type 100, its just bad ass. Also, ill try out the sawed off on verrukt as ive never tried it out.
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