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  1. I guess i can never let go of my pride well no big loss the website was UNIX based and i would have made some big changes.
  2. I mean tranzit mode is well and good and survival mode is well and good but..... Sometimes your just in the mood for something simpler like the classic zombies gameplay no survival doesn't count it's just a watered down version of tranzit i personally find it boring. I mean a map like der riese and kino and moon it has easter eggs it's large but not tedious like tranzit in fact tranzit is pretty small in itself it only seems large because of the fog it's actually only a few small areas anyway im thinking this http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=18581 yes i know it is too extreme but if we change it a lot and keep the core game play it could be really fun it could be 8 players extremely large and have traps that work on zombies and humans alike perfect :)
  3. I'm not asking for modship i just tihnk i can handle the job of admin i have the time and dedication but okay if they want to find someone else fine with me i really don't lose anything and the forums would only gain from my experience handling it.
  4. You will always be a legend just wondering is their any chance i can take your place i have a degree in computer tech and i am currently working at home so i can look after the site i do run one other forum so i have experience but it's up to you but i do believe i am a good choice.
  5. hi my xbox live gamertag is waxpython or it used to be until i got banned from the pro now im waxpython v2 i like zombies ( obviously ) halo games especially halo 3 mass effect games and i'm a huge fan of the LOTR. Other than that not to much to say except i love teamwork it's too bad many don't value teamwork but i think it's the best way to have fun and get to high rounds.
  6. THIS GAME SUCKS Sorry but it's true they ruined zombies and call of duty for ever nothing makes sense I'll list the pro's and con's Pro's They kept some things original about zombies new guns are exciting and innovative fire bullets maps are a breath of fresh stale air Cons assault rifle's suck in zombies i used to like them in black ops Galil anyone ? no exclusive wonder weapon jet turbine does not use 115 and it sucks not a wonder weapon New characters are boring It's too easy where's the challenge ? not being able to see shit ? the war machine i love having to eat my own rebounding grenades Easter eggs are boring hardened edition was a rip off should have come with the black ops maps Richthofen is neither intimidating or good as a demonic announcer survival maps are boring grief maps are pointless i could easily screw another player in non grief maps with way more satisfaction guns are boring and look the same make them have a apocalyptic look bring back classic zombies game play and maps like kino you know a non box version of survival hell hounds are useless they don't even attack bring back waw hellhounds and hell hounds spawning with zombies maps have no cool gimmicks no radios So overall this has been the biggest disappointment ever better luck in 2015 treyarch.
  7. let me just say it's possible you aallready know about this and if anyone needs a further explanation feel free to ask and ill provide one .in kino theres a few posters which show samantha coming out of the pyramid . the M.P.D drove richtofen insane . samantha respects takeo and hates richtofen and nikolai .samantha's real mom is dead . dr maxis might still be alive because of his quotes . before maxis supposedly dies he says kill them all maybe it refers to the Vrill ? . samantha feels sorry for hell hounds .richtofen on the pc refers to the P.E.S suit as piss .samantha's favorite gun is the wave gun .Dempsey no longer hates fish .richtofen thinks hitler's been zombified .samantha frequently mentions richtofens a liar .richtofen tried to enter the pyramid before der riese .richtofen now refers to the illumanati as the americans .maxis might be a villain i have no proof but whats with the creepy laughter hope you enjoyed it
  8. instead of doing akimbo fmg just use a single model with fmj there problem solved they get there awesome range back fail infinity ward
  9. BEGIN !!! 1. History: Going on the history of the characters, Cpt. Price was first introduced in Call of Duty 1, 2, then 4. Where as Sgt. Reznov was only shown in World at War. Winner: Cpt. Price 2. Hat: Everyone knows that what you wear on your head symbolizes your manliness. Sgt. Reznov with his comfy winter hat, it makes him overall more manliness, since it is rounded over and equipped with fluffy material to enhance the size of his head. Though Cpt. Price having a scruffy hat, it twiddles the manliness of his stature to only to the limit of a short. The flatness of the hat makes his head appear more flat then it is as if he is afraid of the old man curse of baldness. Winner: Sgt Reznov 3. Uniform: Can’t be sexy without some nice threads, right? Well from the looks of it, Sgt Reznov has been wearing the same clothes throughout World at War. While as in Modern Warfare, Cpt. Price at least had two sets of clothing (The Black Kit is the meaning of sexy), and one more if you include Call of Duty 2. Winner: Cpt. Price 4. Guns: The guns you use is the way you see yourself. Cpt. Price generally uses a M4 (modified) showing he is confident in his close to home, and way in the meat grind. While as Sgt. Raznov, uses the PPSH-41, a SMG that fires the 7.62x25mm Tokarev round. This shows that Raznov feels small from his last stature (from losing the ability to snipe) so he uses a weapon that fires lots of tiny ones. Winner: Cpt. Price 5. Dialogue: Our victor has to have a heroic voice to accompany his victory. Cpt Price with his husky commands that will keep you on your toes, but Sgt. Reznov’s semi-melodramatic sayings of both encouragement, and down right hardness will make every word memorable (let alone flaming a passion). Winner: Sgt. Reznov 6. Rank: This one is simple. The rank of Captain is higher then Sergeant, so Captain price is the winner. Winner: Captain Price 7. Leadership: Cpt. Price controlled a squad of people and took down a nuclear attack, but Sgt Reznov helped push a whole army in triumphing over Germany. Winner: Sgt. Reznov 8. Hardness: Both characters have the element of hardness, but actions they do man a lot, even till the last minute. Cpt. Price helped the team move on till the very last minute of the game, but in the end, if it wasn’t for Soap doing the last shots at Imran Zakhaev and his men. While as Sgt. Reznov help’s save Dimitri (main character you play as) in World at War, in the very last moment of the game. Winner: Sgt. Reznov 9. Skill: With Sgt. Reznov injuring his hand, he loses his ability to use his sniper rifle, thus causing him to use the SMG. While Cpt. Price is able to use a large selection of different weapons. Whether it’s a sniper rifle or assault rifle. Winner: Cpt. Price 10. Mustache: Now this is the ultimate determination of who is the most bada**s. The mustache is the most defining feature of you that you expose to the world, so the mustache defines who and what you are. Cpt. Price’s mustache is clearly the identity of who he is. If you could only see his mustache, you would know who he is, and exactly what he’s going to do to you. Sgt. Reznov on the other hand, has a meager mustache. Barely as full as Cpt. Price’s. If you took off Reznov’s mustache you wouldn’t even think anything changed. Now that’s just isn’t manly. Winner: Cpt. Price Overall Winner: Captain Price = 6/10, Sergeant Reznov = 4/10 The winner of who is the best of the best goes to Captain Price!
  10. They patch the model 1887 akimbo's those terrific guns now i wouldn't mind if they patched commando and the wretched noob tube maybe make it you cant use it with danger close what are your thoughts on infinity ward ?
  11. okay let's go over the pro's and cons of both waw Pro's cool black camo when pack a punched kills 10 zombies un pack a punched kills all 24 zombies when pack a punched high mobility cons long reload lacking ammo in reserve if you fire to close it disables your juggernog unexpectedly consequently causing you to down yourself Black ops pro's same as waw EXCEPT when pack a punched has a gold camo when self shocked it will NOT remove your juggernog cons same as waw EXCEPT can only kill up to 10 zombies pack a punched or otherwise. so i'll leave it to you guys to decide which is better
  12. :o yes it is true samantha does indeed have a connection with aliens starting with the map ascension witch and the song abracadavra now most people seem to think she's referring to the 4 survivors Dempsey Nikolai excreta this is not the case. here are some lyrics from the song abracadavre Are they real And do they feel Is all the pain Just inside my head notice how she doesn't think their real this cant be the 4 survivors she's been trying to kill them since Der riese now before i go any further let's start with a song over view in lullaby for a deadman she's not sure what's happening and is trying to peace together her life now the alien connection starts here with these lyrics I know when you're sleeping I know the things you're dreaming I love when you're weeping Even death can't stop this feeling And I know you will never give up No, you will never give up... You will never give up... and die seem pretty normal talking to Richthofen BUT except for one thing i love it when your weeping he never seems to come close to weeping the aliens vrill's if you will seem to have many a reason to weep she has a link to these creatures witch may be evil and i doubt a 7 year old girl has these thoughts naturally witch brings us to the one lyrics Blood's flavor is so metallic It's smell makes me go phrenetic Textures that I find in you is a thick vicious glue Some nights I become so clean With all I touch and all I see There's an iron smell of blood in the air But now I see it everywhere I've been waiting for someone to find me And become a part of me (A part of me...) I've been waiting for you To come here And kill me And set me free (Oh) I've been waiting for the one it seems like this is the first time she's developed a split personality one that wants the 4 survivors to kill her and one that wants to kill the 4 survivors also the first appearance of hellhounds she controls maybe made by her split personality ? beauty of annihilation and 115 EVERYONE knows how hardcore those songs are the bad persona she has seems to be taking over and wants to destroy everything 115 also hints that the vrill's or aliens seem to be evil and destroyed everything once before being sealed away NOW abracadavre is where it all started way different from the other songs it's almost like she realizes there is a force more powerful that her and is binding her these shackles they come with certain opportunities they won't let me get away but they show me we're the same we're the same we're the same they show me we are the same I can't give in I won't give in It's not a state of mind I'm wretched but I'm powerful and notice how she says were the same maybe the aliens were wronged like Samantha and seek revenge ? now if you still dont believe me up until now i dont blame you but this is the song that convinced me they was something going with aliens I see them staring back at me They know my name The faces in the sky are looking for something more My friends have paper smiles and laugh at me in all my trials Their eyes are everywhere and see everything what do They need me And I need them See me And I see them Within The lines they've been burned in my mind It all ends so violently I know My sweet pareidolia It all ends so painfully and slow My pareidolia My friends have hollow eyes They're made of shapes and curvy lines Their eyes are everywhere and see everything what do They need me And I need them See me And I see them Within The lines they've been burned in my mind It all ends so violently I know My sweet pareidolia It all ends so painfully and slow [- From: http://www.elyrics.net/read/e/elena-sie ... yrics.html -] My pareidolia The loneliness is only missed when I am alone O yeah I might try to find my light tonight Hide my sight from eyes I try to fight My nine eyes of light die by the blight Ride white knight unite my plight tonight They're inside me They're inside me I'm inside out I'm inside out They're all around Within without Within without They're inside I'm outisde They're all around They're all around They're inside me I'm inside out They're all around Within without It all ends so violently I know My sweet pareidolia It all ends so painfully and slow My pareidolia la lalala lalala lalala lala notice in the begins how it mentions the sky she is in the pyramid and has a link with the aliens there's NO WAY THE 4 SURVIVORS CAN DO THIS TO SAMANTHA it seems the pyramid did NOT give samantha her powers in moon because when richtofen and sam switch zombies she still has the demonic voice and the pyramid only gives her control of the zombies well that's my 2 cents i may be wrong who knows but while im here i might add a few things .the vrill created 115 and the Samantha needs a constant supply of it as evidenced in kino's song she says BRING ME 115 implying she needs a constant supply of it to live or control the zombies. .richtofen was driven insane by the vrill when he teleported to the pyramid as evidenced by 1 of the moon radios .the pyramid is powered by souls witch once again hints the vrill are evil . in der riese it says you must return from AETHAR maybe the vrill wrote everything that appears on the walls the vrill created the vr 11.
  13. great idea and it would be one of the better zombie maps but think of the difficulty by hte time you get to the box with all the doors you open and only 3 wall weapons i think i'll make it to round 15 tops
  14. It really saddens me to say that you have to put this in. :cry: But I really believe lots of people don't know about this. I don't believe the game makers would dare have a game set at Auschwitz where you are able to use gas chambers. It's too sensitive. Throw in the Nazi link and Jewish zombies and there would be uproar. I actually like the ideas though, just can't see it happening. it dosn't have to be in auschwitz though i just put it in as it would be the best basis for NAZI zombies some people just dont know the horror of world war 2 this might help them to understand [ alternativily it could just be a prison [ just dont see the gasing of zombies working out then
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