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  1. If I have to pay for the "classic maps" a 3rd time, there better be a damned good reason for it. BO revamped the graphics, added the new guns, and included the main characters in NDU and Verruckt.. it wasn't much but I was happy to have a larger player base. If they can only offer new weapons and an upgraded engine, the older maps should be free of charge on BOII if purchased before, right? If there aren't significant changes made, I can deal with the inconvenience of less people playing on those maps. So, just make us play BO for the upgraded classics and BO maps. I enjoy the variety that comes with having 10 different maps to play (plus the ones we will have from BOII), but that doesn't mean I want to pay for them again just because the next Treyarch game has released. Maybe I'm alone in this view, maybe not.
  2. way2g00 and I split up and used traps. He ran in the fishing hut using the flogger and I ran the comm room using the electrical fence there. Our game took forever because my trap cooled down about twice as slowly as his. Eventually, he traded the waffe to me so I could use a shot or two during my trap's cooldown. I wouldn't recommend SNN if you get bored easily unless you come up with a "join-up" strategy and use the flogger. I imagine that would be faster, but more difficult. Also, running the fishing hut right next to the flogger can be difficult if you aren't communicating with your teammate when you kill off zombies or if you end up with most of the spawners. Those downs can take up a lot of time as well, but 50 on SNN is pretty rewarding because of the time and effort you have to put into it, IMO. Our Der Riese run was much faster and took something like 4 to 4 and half hours. You can find it on way's youtube channel TeamGrimReapers. He cycled between the Thompson and the mainframe using that trap and I used the power switch trap.
  3. Congrats. It's good to know not just a reader, but the founder of CoDz is working on zombies directly.
  4. This. Try a quicker strategy that's more challenging but rewarding and like Riley said, as long as you have some one to talk to you are good. Agreed. Switch up strategies but be sure to have a fast strategy to expedite the game. Oh, and try to pick a map that doesn't take forever like CoTD. Trap maps are quicker than most others.
  5. The round skipping glitch sounds like the worst for a player who tries for high rounds on that map. For me, the glitches that bother me the most are the 'invincibility' spots where the zombies just ignore the player. At least on CoTD I can buy the lighthouse door (even though I've heard there is a different one near the MP40) but on Moon there is nothing to permanently stop a person from abusing the glitch.
  6. Um, the weapon is easy to use, a one shot head shot on a non-jug, 64 bullet mag, 2 bullet kill with SP on a non-jug, hip-fire with no recoil and a great spread pattern, and on top of all that it is fully automatic. The guns people complained about in BO and MW2, like the Famas and UMP, were not overpowered. What makes a gun overpowered is a complete lack of competition from the other weapons in the game, not the fact that it is used by a great amount of people, that is a side-effect. If there were ever an example of a CoD weapon being overpowered it would be the WaW MP40 because it ridiculously outclasses the other weapons in the game.
  7. That's my preferred spot to train on Shang, but I imagine in solo it would be difficult to maintain throughout a full game. I have clutched many a round in there, though.
  8. That is hilarious man. Brought a smile to my face reading about that guy getting his just deserts.
  9. when people do that I have fun 'fake reviving' them when they inevitably die or I trap them. Those who play dirty will be outplayed by the elite or at the very least, they won't get helped. If you play like an ass then you won't get revived.
  10. I'm not sure if this post is needed or if the some of my points have been covered by other users, but here goes.. People have pointed this out already and it is key to those who oppose the idea of zombie mode changing from the core experience we have come to know and love. The classic zombie survival mode will remain intact. The zombie dev team has stressed over the years and especially at CoD XP last year that they do NOT want to stray away from the original zombie game. If we are able to assume the survival and round-based style of zombies will return, then it wouldn't hurt to add additional modes that bring a creative and refreshing edge to the zombie universe. I'm not big on speculating but we could see a campaign mode with a structure similar to L4D, but Treyarch will not copy an already established game to the 'T'. If such a mode exists, Treyarch will bring their own creative ideas to enhance gameplay and probably tie in an interesting story. The announcement of zombies running on the multiplayer engine could suggest numerous possibilities. I would like to focus on possible core additions such as host migration that has been sought after since host migration appeared in CoD MW2. Also, I don't think it would be a ridiculous assumption that leveling systems and achievements/medals will be implemented to intensify the immersion of the experience to these alternate game modes or even the original zombie mode. Zombies before had trophies/achievements but never an evolving and updated system to reward people for accomplishing varying objectives. You had leaderboards but most challenges were self-imposed by the player and documented by the players via video as proof. A system with weekly objectives similar to Halo Reach or weekend challenges similar to that of Mass Effect 3's MP would be welcome to me. The emphasis stated on ease of playing with friends or like-minded teammates could suggest more of a reliance on team work or just an improved matchmaking system that allows these like-minded players to meet up and play together. As for further speculation, I will wait for the announcements and trailers before entertaining the theories that will inevitably arrise. Most importantly, I would like to stress that the round-based survival mode will remain and we, as a community, shouldn't be resistant to new ways our beloved zombie game will evolve, as these evolutions will not replace zombies but complement the game. Feedback and further insight is appreciated and I would like to apologize if anything I've said has already been expressed in other posts on the forum. If there is one thing this community is good at, it is the ability to gather and interpret the information we are given and avoid unsubstantiated theories when there is evidence to build more reasonable theories.
  11. @ZombieofTheDead I fail to see the logic in your opinions. agree to disagree.
  12. If you just mean a simple jam as in you messed up your train and got trapped in a corner, yeah you'll be fine with M&S in the upper 30s. They become pretty useless later of course. Someone could probably elaborate more, but I think you'll be fine until 40 with those things.
  13. He was talking strictly of his experience, and I see a PSN in his sig. I think it's safe to assume he meant on PS3. That's why I said I also play on PS3 and shared my experience. PSN's 'increase in security' didn't solve any problems. MW2 on PS3 is a hopeless game because of hackers, but on WaW, well I've already told what my experience on that game has been like. There's always the option of picking up players on this forum to avoid a hacked game, if you literally run into hackers often enough to claim regular games are impossible to find. I just can't agree with that opinion on the PS3. Also, I don't think PSN's incompetence, or Xbox's for that matter, justifies the classic maps remaining exactly as they were on BO considering every other logical, opposing viewpoint brought up on this thread. And to finally answer the question of bringing all perks and PaP to the classic maps and other BO maps. No, I don't believe they should. You could go through each map and find reasons for certain perks or PaP to not be included. To do so would be complicated and tedious. Besides, I think I've typed enough for one day.
  14. Hah you guys have good taste so far.. Mine is Der Riese. Challenging at first, yet, easy with experience. I believe that's how all maps should be. CoTD is very fun to play IMO and I also like Shangri la because most people find it challenging; which it is if you have a bad start, and I like getting those revives 8-) Those are the maps I usually pub on.
  15. The thing about Mule Kick that I don't like? It's there. It does not belong on that map. It ruins Treyarch's progression, and overall how that maps work. Not to mention, even if I don't buy it, it's still there in an awkward area on all maps but moon, and my team mates can buy it as well. Some things are worth complaining. Others, I will agree. People are morons and like to complain. Really? it's impossible to find a nonhacked game? I play on PS3 and have only ever run into one hacker when searching for games on WaW. I still play every now and then and I played that game frequently up until BO released. If you want good players to play with, I'm sure you could find them on here. That's your personal, yet unfortunate, experience. And so, if BO2 quadruples BO's sales, they should bring back all of the BO maps mostly unchanged, and charge you for them? That.. is.. ridiculous. Game sales don't mean 'remake your old game with better graphics and charge for it'. That would be too Activision-ish, at least for Zombies. Lol at reuse of IW maps in subsequent games. Anyway, I fail to see the reasoning behind that. The story-line part.. I can kind of see... but it's almost like asking the director of a movie, or writer of a book, to go back and make changes to how the story-line progresses throughout the media. Besides, that may be what you and other members of this site want, but you have to put it in perspective. Tonight, I saw 40000 players in zombies on PS3. That's not how many play frequently, that was just at that moment in time and on one platform. This site has roughly 10K members... meaning the opinions of this site, and its members, do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the average consumer. To put it simply, a lot of people just play the game for fun. The story behind it may never come to mind other than shallow observations like that's a crazy Nazi doctor or a drunk Russian. Just saying.. there are probably more unaware of a back story than there are aware. (Possibly) Sad but true. Okay, so I kind of explained why I thought Mule Kick didn't affect gameplay or change maps very much or at all. Now, I would like you to do so without just stating that 'it does'. And saying you don't like it because 'it's there' and isn't aesthetically pleasing to you, sounds like complaining. If you feel it interferes with progression, then so would adding story segments or EEs that were never present in the old maps.
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