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    Letting go.

    If I have to pay for the "classic maps" a 3rd time, there better be a damned good reason for it. BO revamped the graphics, added the new guns, and included the main characters in NDU and Verruckt.. it wasn't much but I was happy to have a larger player base. If they can only offer new weapons and an upgraded engine, the older maps should be free of charge on BOII if purchased before, right? If there aren't significant changes made, I can deal with the inconvenience of less people playing on those maps. So, just make us play BO for the upgraded classics and BO maps. I enjoy the variety that comes with having 10 different maps to play (plus the ones we will have from BOII), but that doesn't mean I want to pay for them again just because the next Treyarch game has released. Maybe I'm alone in this view, maybe not.
  2. ASmoothCriminal

    Poll: Worst Glitch on Moon

    The round skipping glitch sounds like the worst for a player who tries for high rounds on that map. For me, the glitches that bother me the most are the 'invincibility' spots where the zombies just ignore the player. At least on CoTD I can buy the lighthouse door (even though I've heard there is a different one near the MP40) but on Moon there is nothing to permanently stop a person from abusing the glitch.
  3. ASmoothCriminal

    The Most Difficult Spots to Train

    That's my preferred spot to train on Shang, but I imagine in solo it would be difficult to maintain throughout a full game. I have clutched many a round in there, though.
  4. ASmoothCriminal

    TREYARCH add all perks and pack-a-punch to every level..

    @ZombieofTheDead I fail to see the logic in your opinions. agree to disagree.
  5. ASmoothCriminal

    TREYARCH add all perks and pack-a-punch to every level..

    He was talking strictly of his experience, and I see a PSN in his sig. I think it's safe to assume he meant on PS3. That's why I said I also play on PS3 and shared my experience. PSN's 'increase in security' didn't solve any problems. MW2 on PS3 is a hopeless game because of hackers, but on WaW, well I've already told what my experience on that game has been like. There's always the option of picking up players on this forum to avoid a hacked game, if you literally run into hackers often enough to claim regular games are impossible to find. I just can't agree with that opinion on the PS3. Also, I don't think PSN's incompetence, or Xbox's for that matter, justifies the classic maps remaining exactly as they were on BO considering every other logical, opposing viewpoint brought up on this thread. And to finally answer the question of bringing all perks and PaP to the classic maps and other BO maps. No, I don't believe they should. You could go through each map and find reasons for certain perks or PaP to not be included. To do so would be complicated and tedious. Besides, I think I've typed enough for one day.
  6. ASmoothCriminal

    TREYARCH add all perks and pack-a-punch to every level..

    The thing about Mule Kick that I don't like? It's there. It does not belong on that map. It ruins Treyarch's progression, and overall how that maps work. Not to mention, even if I don't buy it, it's still there in an awkward area on all maps but moon, and my team mates can buy it as well. Some things are worth complaining. Others, I will agree. People are morons and like to complain. Really? it's impossible to find a nonhacked game? I play on PS3 and have only ever run into one hacker when searching for games on WaW. I still play every now and then and I played that game frequently up until BO released. If you want good players to play with, I'm sure you could find them on here. That's your personal, yet unfortunate, experience. And so, if BO2 quadruples BO's sales, they should bring back all of the BO maps mostly unchanged, and charge you for them? That.. is.. ridiculous. Game sales don't mean 'remake your old game with better graphics and charge for it'. That would be too Activision-ish, at least for Zombies. Lol at reuse of IW maps in subsequent games. Anyway, I fail to see the reasoning behind that. The story-line part.. I can kind of see... but it's almost like asking the director of a movie, or writer of a book, to go back and make changes to how the story-line progresses throughout the media. Besides, that may be what you and other members of this site want, but you have to put it in perspective. Tonight, I saw 40000 players in zombies on PS3. That's not how many play frequently, that was just at that moment in time and on one platform. This site has roughly 10K members... meaning the opinions of this site, and its members, do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the average consumer. To put it simply, a lot of people just play the game for fun. The story behind it may never come to mind other than shallow observations like that's a crazy Nazi doctor or a drunk Russian. Just saying.. there are probably more unaware of a back story than there are aware. (Possibly) Sad but true. Okay, so I kind of explained why I thought Mule Kick didn't affect gameplay or change maps very much or at all. Now, I would like you to do so without just stating that 'it does'. And saying you don't like it because 'it's there' and isn't aesthetically pleasing to you, sounds like complaining. If you feel it interferes with progression, then so would adding story segments or EEs that were never present in the old maps.
  7. ASmoothCriminal

    TREYARCH add all perks and pack-a-punch to every level..

    I think deathb4di2h0nor said it best. You can still experience the classic feel on WaW. What would have really happened if Treyarch just remodeled the classic maps for the BO engine? There would have been an uproar of 'Why did I have to pay again for the maps that I already purchased on WaW!?'. Think about it. There had to be changes made in order for them to market it. I'm fine with the addition of Mule Kick. Some people don't buy it, as people have pointed out, but I recall quite a few of my friends wanting the ability to have more weapons. That's what I recall people wanting, so Treyarch actually did something for the community in my book. If you think the perk has that much of an effect on gameplay, tell me how much of a difference does it make in NDU? That's a barebones map and is the perfect test subject. Elite players might find it powerful, but the noobs, the majority of people who play the game, will not. It's a completely optional element of the game that barely affects gameplay. I think people just like to complain. :(
  8. ASmoothCriminal


    @WealthShare idea I think this is a good idea because the idea for sharing points was already implemented into the latest installment of zombies, Moon. The method of sharing points was also tedious and therefore I believe a better method should be created. So, an idea like this isn't far-fetched and I don't think the literal zombie players should be bothered over the idea of sharing points for the simple fact that you gain those points by damaging/killing zombies. That doesn't have an explanation and IMO, it doesn't need one. The point system is simply used to enhance gameplay and have a currency system; upon which the game of zombies is based. Next, I think the percentage of your nonpro version of the perk seems fine. Since we don't know if pro perks will be in the game I can't judge what the pro version should accomplish. I do just want to say that this seems like a valid perk idea and I would purchase it in later rounds when I'm trying to help my team out if they are struggling. The percentages and overall effect of the perk could be innovated, but I really think it would be useful and should be implemented in some way to the next Zombie game. @ButterCocktail My concerns with this perk are gameplay related and I'm concerned it would be OP. Perhaps, if after purchasing the perk, the ability to stumble zombies was user-controlled (via a button input of some sort with a cool down) I can see it being valid and not OP. I'm not trying to boast by saying this, but the game of zombies is already pretty easy once you've put in the time and learned the maps and strategies for those maps. Not to mention the skill of kiting. So, in order for such a game-changing and difficulty-reducing perk to be implemented, the game or maps would have to increase in difficulty in some way, making the older techniques obsolete. @Bloodline This is an interesting perk idea. This would most likely be for lower tier players who expect to go down or perhaps for players who got lucky with the box and want to retain their coveted wonder weapons. I'm unsure if the perk should be expensive or not. On one hand it is pretty powerful because a player wouldn't be in a rush to revive the downed player, and the alive player could simply just kite all of the zombies and pick up the player whenever he/she desired. In fact, that is pretty overpowered when thought about it in that way. So, because of that new strategy that would be used, I think the perk idea is OP. The penalty of not reviving your teammate in time should remain that you need to clutch the round without him/her, and simultaneously the dead player should have to wait until the next round to play. @Steam Brew I'm afraid to say that this idea instantly set off alarms. The idea that a perk would allow you to slowly kill zombies just by coming in close contact with them sounds very OP in a kiting strategy. If a player had the patience, he/she could easily make high rounds simply by kiting and killing off the zombies slowly; which is the easiest way to train (killing zombies a few at a time) although it would take ages. However, let me ask how exactly you imagine this perk would work. So, if you take the 25% chance literally, the first horde would allow you to alight 6 zombies, and then the next 6 to spawn have the same chance of lighting on fire? So, 1 or 2 of those zombies would start on fire. If the perk operated like that, maybe the perk wouldn't be as OP as I'm imagining. However, there are other options to consider (I know this is getting tedious and very analytic). On a map like moon the zombies will respawn as you move to the opposite ends of the map. So, if this trend continues into BO2, imagine how it would work for instance, on Moon. You could spawn them all in the Biodome (everyone's favorite!) set 6 on fire and let them die, then you could move to the control room fast enough (or anywhere over there just far enough to make the zombies respawn) and then kill off another 6, then repeat the cycle. I know this sounds ridiculous and I would never play like that, but people could exploit the game in such a way. Overall, I like the creative ideas. Some of your perk ideas might just need a little tweaking and more thought on how they will affect gameplay, while I feel others don't have a place in zombies because of possible exploitation. GJ. **These are all just my opinions and I'm sure I had a few oversights here or there** Regards, Smooth
  9. ASmoothCriminal


    Flopper isn't realistic... at all, so therefore it shouldn't exist. You don't need to take everything in a ZOMBIE game literally. DT makes your guns shoot faster. How does that make sense? Drinking something and then you instantaneously double the fire rate of your weapon. Before you try to make sense of it and come up with some convoluted explanation, just remember that it is a video game. A video game with zombie outbreaks, teleporters, random boxes that hold 50+ weapons (considering each players chance to have each weapon), and oh yea... time machines. You're using logic and reason for a game that does not. When judging additions to the game, gameplay should be the first concern, then the practicality.
  10. ASmoothCriminal


    I will state that teddy bears have been a classic easter egg in many games. Resistance Fall of Man had a Teddy bear located outside of the map Somerset, for example. However, I am not claiming that any of the supposed easter eggs in MW3 do not relate to treyarch in any way, because it can't be proven by mere speculation; but it also can't be disproven. The main counterargument is "Why would a developing company include EEs from a rival dev. company?" I would like to submit that the rivalry doesn't seem to be as much of a dividing factor as it used to be. I follow a member of the Treyarch Dev. team on twitter (David Vonderhaar) and I am almost certain I remember reading tweets of him acknowledging that he was aiding the mw3 devs months ago. Not saying he was working directly on mw3 at all, but perhaps the rivalry has diminished with the loss of many original IW members and the remaining IW dev. team's corroboration with a different studio, SHG. I would try to find these tweets for supportive evidence but searching twitter can cause quite the headache. :/ Not to mention, Treyarch developed the Wii version of MW3 (insert shallow fanboy comments here). So, maybe the notion that IW and Treyarch are arch enemies (no pun intended) should be dismissed since IW handed over the Wii development of "their" game to Treyarch. Keep in mind, I'm not analyzing the proposed EEs, just questioning the notion that these two studios do not cooperate with each other. In the past, you could see quotes of the head IW employees "insulting" Treyarch, but I definitely think the studios' attitudes towards each other have changed over the past year or so.
  11. ASmoothCriminal

    Black ops veteren campagin help?! Pwease?

    Right?! I randomly started playing through it today after noticing I was missing a trophy on Der Riese. I just took a break during the mortar mission in the trenches because the Type 97 AI kept shredding me after my grenades ran out. I'll finish it eventually but I've had enough for one day. My favorite part is having 4 grenades rain down on me when I'm pinned down by a turret and already red. :/
  12. ASmoothCriminal

    The Most Difficult Spots to Train

    Thanks for the catch Dougie. So, the bridge area on Shangri is a nice spot to run when you need an extra circuit. The PaPed pm63s can kill off horde pretty handily until round 30 so this strategy could work for you if you feel comfortable running that area. However, the best strategy I can recommend is difficult to pull off and requires a partner who can run trains very well. The strat entails that one person runs in the MPL area and the other runs in the AK74 room. One person needs the 31-79 Jgb and the other needs the Law (crossbow is handy also). So, each person rounds up their zombies and once all zombies are spawned in, the guy from the AK comes up to meet the person running the MPL, at the time where the MPL guy is making his pass by the tunnel entrance. From here, one person (doesn't matter who) will leave the horde and run up the hill, near the water spout, while the other guy gathers the zombies together closely. The person rounding up all of the zombies leads them up the hill, and whoever has the 31-79 (etc.) shrinks the zombies while the other person shoots the law killing every single zombie. You kill them off with the law to avoid grabbing powerups so you can bait the monkeys for max ammo (semtexs, M&S, or china lake also work). Rinse and repeat this strategy and you can make it to 35 in an hour and a half like I did.
  13. ASmoothCriminal

    The Most Difficult Spots to Train

    That's probably my favorite on this thread thus far. Very useful. The benefits of these circuits are simply to have additional places to run. Also, most of these spots are only difficult to run depending on how many spawns you are getting. 4 player games will give you occasional moments of high spawns, but it depends on teammate location and teammate downs. Let me know if any of you guys run these areas. I tried to limit the number of popular ones I often see pubs running. 1) Kino alleyway(medium difficulty at best) and mp40 room turret area; both without the thundergun because that gun makes any risky circuit safe. 2) Verruckt trench gun area. This map is difficult in general and having another spot for circuits is helpful. I prefer one person to run the thompson and myself to run the trench on this map. Unfortunately, no good rounds for me on this map yet. 3) SNN in the first section of storage; usually using the trench gun until later rounds. 4) DR. maybe the mp40 room? it's the most difficult spot on the map that I run. Especially if you are getting a lot of spawns or if you have teammates constantly going down. 5) Shangri running the bridge. I run this area with normal perks, then deadshot, upgraded pm63s, and M&S. Fun spot to learn to run and an additional circuit to the spawn, mpl, and ak74 areas. Plus, you get to use the pm63s PaPed!
  14. ASmoothCriminal

    The Ultimate List of Zombie Challenges

    Challenge Name: Ring-around-the-Zombies Number of Players:4 Required Map(s):Call of The Dead Objective: Once you reach the lighthouse, all doors and blockades must be opened on the first floor. Then, you and your friends have to all survive in that very same room! (you may play regularly until people get the guns they prefer that are not banned below) There is a point system to go buy: a down costs you a negative point, a revive gains you a point, and leaving the room resets your points, or if you are in the negative you lose 1-5 points depending on how long you are absent. Players must keep track of each others' points to ensure exact scoring. Once everyone dies out, the person with the most points wins! Time Limit:none Round Limit:none Randoms Only:preferable with friends or randoms who cooperate Disallowed Perk(s):none Disallowed Weapon(s):scavenger, PaPed crossbow, VR11. (M&S are encouraged with PhD Flop) This minigame is very fun and you can expect many downs. Once you go down you still need to remain in the room! After rounds are over, then go and buy the perks you deem necessary, but prepare to lose them shortly after . If you are playing with a few skilled zombie trainers this challenge will be more entertaining and competitive. Let me know what you guys think
  15. ASmoothCriminal

    The Four Guardians ***GROUP REQUEST THREAD***

    I watched the stream, I remember that, it was pretty nice Thanks! :D

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