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  1. I just remembered that 6 is the devils number and the illuminati are pretty close to satanism according to some people. And the illuminati are a huge part of this game.
  2. I was playing Ascension yesterday and I noticed these lights are on the moon too. Same pattern and location and the size is about the same. Can't be coincidence after all the talk their has been about them being in Der Riese. Maybe there is an illuminati base seperate from the pyramid at Griffin Station, like I said before. I'll get a picture as soon as I'm at my computer for I'm on my iPod right now.
  3. My subtitles still say his name is spelled Richtofen, maybe they just read it wrong.
  4. Buy the kar98k (don't use until you run out of ammo on your pistol). Let all the zombies in and only knife, get points for rebuilding barriers and kniving helps to earn points for level 1. Level 2 shoot the zombies 5 times in the chest before kniving and try to keep most out. Do this until you have 1950 points. Once you do, open the HELP door and buy the Mystery Box, try for the Ray Gun or MG42. If you don't get one of them, watch the windows for zombies and try again when you have enough points. Once one of you does have the Ray Gun, open the stair in the room with the box in it and camp out by the cirly stair (do not open these unless it's a live or death situation). Throw grenades towards the open stair, buy more from the back wall in that area when you run out. Start using the Ray Gun once they make it past the front wall in the area. At the end of each level, take turns trying to get the MG42 or Ray Gun of one of you doesn't have it. Then you hide it that area only using you MGs at close range. When a power up appears, one of you run into the hoard while the other shoots you with his Ray Gun, that way zombies will die when they get close. If you have the Black Ops version, it's a good idea to get a Mule Kick and try for the Thundergun. Remember to watch the window. I jumped from only getting up to level 10 to a solid level 26, we accidentally opened the cirly stairs and they snuck up behind us.
  5. If you have ever played the WaW campaign, you would know that the building you play Nacht der Untoten in is located in Japan during WWII. So it's likely that the plane was shot down by the Japanese... or your plane could have be shot down by Group 935 trying protect their base in Shi No Numa. It's also possible that you may just be close enough to the base to be effected by 115 and have the dead brought back to life. Why the zombies are Nazis though is something I can't figure out.
  6. Also think this. Theres a higher probability Treyarch hadn't than had. As I said, we concluded it was too large to be the moon base but the idea that it's 115 is strong, however there is no reference to 115 being on the moon, it is implied that the researcher's of 935 brought equipment up there from the teleporter. Is there a chance that it could be the Illuminati? Maybe they had an entire city separate from the pyramid at Griffin Base.
  7. Man, I'd love to get this but my ipod doesn't have internet anymore.
  8. But Romero wouldn't have made a movie at CotD if it weren't for the history it had from 935 being there. Richtofen might not have been there himself, but someone had to have been there experimenting and using 115 for zombies to emerge. Yeah, 935 was there. We don't know who or when, but someone was there. But Romero wasn't trying to be there, he crashed and found everything. Ya, that's what I've been trying to say.
  9. But Romero wouldn't have made a movie at CotD if it weren't for the history it had from 935 being there. Richtofen might not have been there himself, but someone had to have been there experimenting and using 115 for zombies to emerge.
  10. You should watch the "Nazi Zombie Story Part 2" by "Timminose". It explains what happens before the Call of the Dead group where there. cdfgtvGVGWo (skip to 9:00 for Call of the Dead) It says how Call of the Dead used to be a spot where Group 935 experimented on people, that's why George Romero chose the location to make his movie. And on one of the radios, you can here Richtofen saying how they found a spy and how they're going to send him from Verruckt to Richtofen. It has some really interesting information.
  11. I just did some research, it turns out Dempsey was a spy for the OSS at Verruckt. When he was discovered, they sent him to Richtofen for tests, who was stationed at the place Call of the Dead is set in. When the OSS found out they sent 4 soldiers to find Dempsey and bring him back, but the zombie problem had taken over the building by the time they got there. They are the soldiers you play in Verruckt. Peter (who is one of them) then went to Shi No Numa, he was hung by Richtofen. And Nacht der Untoten, I don't think Treyarch had their story yet so that might be why the usual group isn't there.
  12. Cosmic Silverbacks are only is Dead Ops, Kino and Five their called Nova Crawlers or Gas Runners. And they come as soon as you turn on the power.
  13. "Hey, now I've got a shot gun... all I need is a shot glass!" ~Nikolai "Dempsey, if you had a braincell for every head-shot, you'd only be stupid" ~Richtofen "Are they trying to communic- oh, no they're having sex" ~Richtofen I think I like every comment by Richtofen though. That would be a bit to many to list. :lol:
  14. Dogs also come about every 6 rounds. Could it be that?
  15. Kino der Toten: Theater of the Dead Natch der Untoten: Night of the Undead Verruckt: Asylum Der Reise: The Giant Shi No Numa: Swamp of Death Shi No Numa is Japanese, all the rest are German.
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