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  1. Dunno how it would work, but I'd love a mode where WE could be the zombies and go after the survivors. Maybe a real-time strategy mini-game?
  2. Not sure if Treyarch just had the Group (Tank, Nikolai, Takeo, and Richtofen) go to these two maps for fun (since the original World at War versions have the Marines instead) or for a purpose... Does anyone know?
  3. Hey all, Just wondering if anyone has found/ could post pictures of the 'Caution' signs used in Der Riese for the Electro-Shock Defenses, and the Hellhound signs? Thanks, and [brains] brains for you all! Kat
  4. What is Richtofen wearing in this particular map? I need to know because of some fan art I'm drawing, and I like to get things as accurate as possible. If anyone can find better quality pictures of him from this map and post them here or message me, [brains] for you! Thanks and loves, Kat
  5. Since this is exclusively related to 'Call of the Dead', I figured I'd post my fan art here. Me dressed up like a Nazi Zombie meeting/getting autographs from ROBERT ENGLUND! (Taken at the 2011 Fan Expo in Toronto) As seen in the picture, he also autographed my ray gun replica: ...Michael Rooker was also supposed to attend (and I would have gotten his autographs as well), but he postponed due to an acting gig.
  6. Hey all, I'm fairly new to this forum and just more recently noticed the "Brains" and "Human/Almost Zombie/ Zombie/ Zombie Master" system. Like the title, how do these 'systems' work? Thanks, Katherine
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