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  1. FREE GIVEAWAY TIME! What you can win... Call of Duty Black Ops 3 DLC & Season Pass, CoD Black Ops 3 digital soundtrack, CoD art cards, and a PS Store promo code (and a mystery gift)! All you need to do is: 1. 'Like' my Facebook page www.facebook.com/Katherinator/ 2. 'Share' this post www.facebook.com/Katherinator/… All who qualify will be entered into a raffle and a random winner will be selected. Rules/Notes: 1. You must be a resident of Canada or the United States (due to region locked codes) 2. All codes are for PS4 (with the exception of
  2. My newest photomanipulation of my Nazi Zombie cosplay! Download here: http://Katherine-Drake.deviantart.com/art/Call-of-Duty-Zombies-Der-Riese-Crawlers-313737222
  3. Made this the other day... Download here: http://Katherine-Drake.deviantart.com/art/Call-of-Duty-Zombies-Der-Riese-Crawlers-313737222
  4. Greetings fellow COD: Zombies fans and players! As a lot of you know, I made a Nazi Zombie cosplay back in August (it is my avatar picture here). It has officially been accepted into a costume contest on Facebook for "Cosplay Junkie". Basically, whichever cosplay has the most 'likes' wins. Now personally, I hate the whole "liking" system on Facebook in order to win contests but whatever, I'm not the contest administrator nor a judge so I have to abide by the rules given. I could really use all your help here and highly appreciate anyone who goes out of their way to do so!
  5. I know I posted this in the other topic, but here it is again for those who missed it! http://Dragonora-Ceohini.deviantart.com ... -278039012
  6. I recently just finished drawing this! http://Dragonora-Ceohini.deviantart.com ... -278039012
  7. I know I made a separate topic for this exclusively, but since it is Wallpaper related, I'm reposting it. "IF YOU WISH TO DOWNLOAD FOR WALLPAPER, I RECOMMEND GOING TO THE LINK TO DOWNLOAD THE FULL VERSION http://Dragonora-Ceohini.deviantart.com/art/CoD-Zombies-Verruckt-271491991 "
  8. Finally put my Nazi Zombie cosplay pictures to good use! Enjoy! IF YOU WISH TO DOWNLOAD FOR WALLPAPER, I RECOMMEND GOING TO THE LINK TO DOWNLOAD THE FULL VERSION http://Dragonora-Ceohini.deviantart.com/art/CoD-Zombies-Verruckt-271491991
  9. Hey everyone, I haven't been on in awhile, so I figured I'd post something -something I TOTALLY forgot I had. This was taken back in August at the same convention as my other Nazi Zombie pictures were. Lol yeah I felt VERY short standing in between to these guys. I loved their costumes (and they mine), but I don't know how game accurate theirs are. http://Dragonora-Ceohini.deviantart.com ... -268375893
  10. Dunno how it would work, but I'd love a mode where WE could be the zombies and go after the survivors. Maybe a real-time strategy mini-game?
  11. What is the suit that Richtofen is wearing in Ascension?
  12. Not sure if Treyarch just had the Group (Tank, Nikolai, Takeo, and Richtofen) go to these two maps for fun (since the original World at War versions have the Marines instead) or for a purpose... Does anyone know?
  13. Hey all, Just wondering if anyone has found/ could post pictures of the 'Caution' signs used in Der Riese for the Electro-Shock Defenses, and the Hellhound signs? Thanks, and [brains] brains for you all! Kat
  14. Hello all, Just looking for more people who have Deviant Art (and looking for more CoD Zombies related fan art too)! My page is: http://dragonora-ceohini.deviantart.com/ I've came across two people so far, but I'm pretty sure there's more. Also looking for Youtubers. My channel is: http://www.youtube.com/user/jimcarreyfan1?feature=mhee
  15. What is Richtofen wearing in this particular map? I need to know because of some fan art I'm drawing, and I like to get things as accurate as possible. If anyone can find better quality pictures of him from this map and post them here or message me, [brains] for you! Thanks and loves, Kat
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