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  1. I hope that if they ever put out another soundtrack they'll add this rendition to the tracklist. It's so well done it would be a shame.
  2. Thank you, thank you. Always good to see some BioShock 2 love. Requesting 150 Headshots medal and Russman medal, por favor.
  3. Just reposting in case I was missed!
  4. Requesting "Earn all achievements/trophies in WaW, Blops or Blops 2."I got them all in each game, so here are photos of each.
  5. Shouldn't the phonographs be listed as another musical side quest? Or am I mixing things up?
  6. Richtofen would've been my first choice, but I gave it to Takeo because they made him out to be a real badass in Origins.
  7. Nope. The last great Origins mystery. It seems unsolvable... Nothing is unsolvable for the CoDZ community. Maybe once PC players get their hands on this, they can dig through the files?
  8. Struck me as odd when I first heard it. I was used to her German accent from WAW-BOI. Kinda prefer it, really. Just for variety's sake.
  9. I found this to be pretty interesting, too. Too bad there isn't a compilation of all of Samantha's quotes under the effects of zombie blood for all 4 characters.
  10. But it HAS to stay on Original, right? If I'm not mistaken any Easter eggs can only be done on original. Not sure about other achievements though Other achievements can be done on any difficulty. Just wanted to double check. Not exactly a skilled enough player to do it on Solo original.
  11. Did we ever get a full picture of this?
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