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  1. TroubledTurkey

    The Ultimate List of Zombie Challenges

    Challenge Name: Stop 'N Swap Number of Players: 1 Required Map(s): Moon Objective: Aquire the Hacker and 4 Perks by at most Round 10. For every Round after, the first perk in your arsenal MUST be Hacked away, and a new perk MUST be bought the same round. All perks must be used atleast once before Round 20. ONLY your first slot perk can be given up. The ONLY exception is your final quick revive. All prior quick revives must be hacked if not used (if they are your first slot perk, which they eventually will be) Time Limit: None Round Limit: None Randoms Only: No Disallowed Perk(s): None Disallowed Weapon(s): None
  2. TroubledTurkey

    Your current fave maps?

    #1: FIVE: Its just the best. Nice and closed in, lots of hard but manageable places to run around in. The basement is my favorite area in ALL of Zombies. Its just the perfect place for my playstyle. #2: Der Riese #3: Ascension #4: Call of the Dead #5: Verruckt #6: Shi No Numa #7: Kino Der Toten #8: Nacht Der Untoten #9: Moon #10: Shangri La
  3. TroubledTurkey

    Quote trivia

    Richtofen. Der Riese (Or BLops Verruckt) Buying a SMG off the wall (atleast one trigger for this quote) 1) Not sure. Richtofen, obviousley, I think Ascension. Not sure the trigger. 2) "Double the Pleasure, Double the pain, Double the DAMAGE!" Richtofen on Kino (or BLops WaW Maps) getting CZ75 Duel weild 3) Nixon buying a gun (Shotgun I think) 4) Richtofen. Ascension. Buying a Shotty. 1) SMG getting a LMG 2) Nyat Sure! 3) I think its Nikolai on Ascension getting or using the T-Gun. (I bet I got a good share of these wrong. The only quotes I have heared over and over are Richtofens.) Heres my own: (Speaker is obviouse. Just give me the Map and Triggers) 1) Wheee! I feel so HIGH! 2) Face or chest?too Late-FACE! 3) I dont know who Jim Bowie was, but he must have been Biiiig and Looong and Sharp!
  4. TroubledTurkey

    Quote trivia

    1 - Ricthofen when he kills a lot of zombies.?? 2 - i believe this s Dempsey when activating one of the Easter egg rocks on Kino 3 - Takeo activation one of the Easter egg rocks on kino Did not mean to hit that button X_X. But no, that wasnt it. 1) Nikolai on Der Riese. Same situation. (other possible answer was Richtofen) 2) Takeo hitting Rock 1 on Kino (OPA Richtofen) 3) Richtofen hitting Rock 2 on Kino. (OPA Takeo)
  5. TroubledTurkey

    Quote trivia

    We allowed to throw a few out? "Blood, gore, sinew, bones, organs, pulmonary systems!" "I found a piece of the meteor!" "I found another Rock! Maybe they stole this from Japan!" These 3 quotes each have more than 1 answer to WHO says it. I guess I'll give brains to whoever can guess my intended answers. Note: They are all from different characters.
  6. TroubledTurkey

    Funny Zombies Quotes

    "Whooo. I feel so High!" ~Richtofen, Shangri-La When using Geysers "Do you like my glowing Green Balls?!" ~Richtofen, Kino Der Toten. Shooting Far away Zombie with Un-Upgraded Ray Gun. "OH they will be all over the floors! On the Walls! On The Ceiling!" ~Richtofen, Kino Der Toten. Obtaining Explosive Weapon. "Next time uncle Edward will give you stronger Legs. EDWARD! Give them stronger legs! You're Terrible at this." ~Samantha, Moon. Killing a Crawler.
  7. TroubledTurkey

    What's your worst habit in zombies?

    When I come across people like this, I refuse to open the doors myself until they just can't wait anymore and open it themselves. When someone steals a kill from me, I just try to steal MANY from them (I'm kinda bitter that way). As for doors, I cant remember a game where I didnt have to open most of em. so many online games of Ascension where I had all the landers linked and an Upgraded M1911 while my team is still wasting their points on the box. After a while, ya just stop caring. Gotta admit, playing with sucky people can enhance the experience a little. More challenging/
  8. TroubledTurkey

    What's your worst habit in zombies?

    You just reminded me of one I used to do. I used to always reload before getting ANY power up. Just kinda got used to reloading whenever I saw the green glow. I've made just about every mistake on Zombies at some point or another lol.
  9. TroubledTurkey

    What's your worst habit in zombies?

    This! ^ I totally hate this! Dying after a spree of complete pwnage makes me feel like I suck. It seems to happen most often when I take a smoke break from zombies and when I come back, I die in some stupid way. I thought of another "bad habit" that a know pleanty of people do. If you are really good, and playing with scrubs, doing so good that your team becomes completely dependent on you. You become the heart and soul of the game. Then, while everyone is relying on you to stay alive, ya die, and since you were the only one surviving anyway, your team begins to fall, one by one. (This really pisses me off. Reviving my team over and over during a game, and then I die and nobody even trys to save me.) Another "BAd HAbit" I do often is when I am playing a game, I opened most of the doors, and my team just camps by the box. Considering weather or not I have a good gun, I will post up by the box and just spam it as much as they did untill it moves (even if I get a good gun) just to get my team to stop boxing it and open some doors. Also, @ YellowCard: Ever tried doing EEs without crawlers? Its a effin Biatch, but if ya got a few good peeps watching your back its not too hard.
  10. TroubledTurkey

    What's your worst habit in zombies?

    Well my worst habits in zombies depends on who I am with. When it comes to random games, I've been told my worst habit is to kill crawlers at the end of rounds. This is not gonna ever change. To me, its not a bad habit.... Crawlers are a terrible, nooby tactic. If I am playing with a friend that is good, my worst habit is that I get really cocky and die in epic moments. Honestly in random games there is a lot of things that I do that arent exactly "good" habits. 1) Kill Crawlers (I see this as a good habit. Everyone else doesnt) 2) Open ALL doors without really consulting anyone first. (could be good or bad) 3) I am really spiteful toward kill stealers. I either refuse to revive them, or try to get them down. (Often bad, can be considered good by some) 4) Not using Monkeys when someone is down, in favor of using them when I just wanna kill a mob. 5) The one Randoms seem to hate the most: Wonder Weapon Spam. (not wasteful, just very often) Thats just to name a few. I got really sick of dying early on all maps in solo as well. I use a different solution than "rage Quiting." I just dont use Quick Revive at all in Solo. But its a must have in Co-Op. With Mule kick on every map now, Quick Revive is never an option in Solo for me anymore... Unless its moon, but on Moon I'll get it on round 1 and sell it on round 10 or something like that.
  11. TroubledTurkey

    Max Ammos from Wunderwaffe kills

    I've had this happen too (With Scavenger and WunderWaffe DG2). I kinda just assmumed that there was an "anavoidable" Max Ammo every 4 or 5 rounds or something, to compensate for the lack of Boss round or something. It made sense to me at the time. I used to think the ThunderGun never had drops, but I've had that drop one Max Ammo on one occasion, and a Nuke on another occasion (never had another one again). Good to see that someone found some sort of order behind that chaos though. If it is the electrified zombies that drop the power ups, than I am just lucky enough to get the drop right when my ammo is just about empty every time XD. Oh, and I know this isnt the Ascension board, but what about the thing with the Thundergun? I KNOW the Thundergun doesnt have drops!

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