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  1. My Solution to Quick Revive: 1) Get used to not using it at all. Makes you appreciate it more. 2) Get used to playing without Jugg. Takes some pressure off when you go down in solo, because you know surviving wont get any harder after reviving.
  2. Richochet Fire, Maybe. But HELL NO to friendly fire. I can just imagine how annoyed I would be trying to revive someone and they kill me with their Ray Gun or M&S trying to cover me. I would NEVER revive anyone if there was friendly fire, just in fear that they would get me down.
  3. "With The Headshot Power", not "Its The Deadshot Power" (Sorry, but I sing this one so much I hate it when people get it wrong ^^;;;)
  4. The Scavenger's Damage is around 5000. (Infra-Dead is around 11,000) Trivia: Any Sniper's Damage will be around 10,000 damage to the head through the 10x Head multiplier that Snipers have. (I didnt mean to Give you brains for that X-x. I was trying to hit the Quote button.)
  5. M93 Raffica Clip: 20 Reserve: 140 Damage: 110-160 RoF: ~925 RPM (3 Round Burst) 1x Chest Multiplier 1.5 Head Multiplier 3P1C-BurstFire Clip: 42 Reserve: 336 Damage: 200-250 RoF: ~925 (3 Round Burst) 1x Chest Multiplier 2x Head Multiplier
  6. Another Modern Weapon UMP45 Clip: 32 Reserve: 164 Damage: 100-150 RoF: 666 RPM 1.1 Chest Multiplier 2x Head Multiplier ThUMPer90 Clip: 115 Reserve: 700 Damage: 150-250 ROF: 700 RPM 1.1 Chest Multiplier 4x Head Multiplier Extra: Holographic Sight, Reduced Recoil.
  7. Its hard to tell if anyones weapons here are overpowered or not. Nobody is putting down Damage numbers or Body Part Damage Multipliers. Mosin 1-6GQB-M4ST3R Clip: 20 Reserve: 145 Damage: 2500-4000 Semi Auto : 100 RoF 2.0x Chest Mutliplier 8x head multiplier Wow. And I thought my Desert Eagle was Overpowered. Thats almost WonderWeapon status right there.
  8. Its hard to tell if anyones weapons here are overpowered or not. Nobody is putting down Damage numbers or Body Part Damage Multipliers.
  9. If they keep the concept of Equipment in Zombies (Hacker, PES, etc.) I would like to see the Flamethrower (Considering it is like it is in WaW) as Equipment. Unlikely to happen. It would probobly be a weapon attatchment, or modified to not be an "unlimited Ammo" weapon, which was the biggest reason I liked it anyway.
  10. The other maps do not feel the same as NDU. Have you noticed how slow they hit you? In World at War, the way they remedy that is by making you STICK to the Zombies. You cant get close to them without getting stuck. Sometimes you will knife, and you will not be able to pull back before the second slap gets you. Its lame. NOT saying the maps arent fun though! I love them. I recommend playing the World at War version of DER RIESE before black ops..... Cant say the same about Shi No Numa or Verruckt. They are really really easy, especially if you are used to Black Ops Zombies... (24 zombies per round on Solo.) For those maps, Black Ops is a better and more difficult experience. (Opinion)
  11. Non-Zombie Non-Black Ops weapon here. Desert Eagle Clip: 7 Reserve: 84 Damage (Farthest range to Closest Range): 300-1000 1.1 Chest Multiplier 3x Head Multiplier Requires Double Tap to not "Jam" every 3 quick consecutive shots PaP: .50 Gut Puncher Clip: 14 Reserve: 168 Damage: 800-1000 Extra: Built in Sleight of Hand. Range Increase. Full Auto : 181 RoF (Same as Ray Gun) 1.5x Chest Mutliplier 5x head multiplier
  12. Der Riese. Playing online with a friend. At the end of Round 29 we decide we both want to go smoke a cigarette, but Round 30 is Dogs, so we have to wait until Round 31. Now the round starts and we decide to just go anyway. We take out our Ray Guns and blast away some Zombie legs until all 24 spawned are SLOW crawlers. We run to a far off location and go outside. I am watching from my window, making sure everything is safe still. Eventually, the crawler train reaches our location. It doesnt kill us though. Eventually one dies out, and another spawns. My friend goes down (I can hear him freaking out over the mic "My controller is Vibrating!" lol) So I make the zombie a crawler and revive him. Then another goes out, and he goes down again. I make it a crawler and start reviving him, but I realize that I am stuck on his dead body and a crawler behind me. I turn around and shoot my Ray Gun at the crawler, killing me. GAme over.
  13. Lol. I guess I dont know how to properly hold windows. I've never really had to hold any windows past Round 4 until I did this, and it got me killed. I am one of those people that never fixes windows, and refuses to pick up Carpenters most of the time as well. In strategies where people want me to hold a window while they camp, I just tell them Hell No and go run off somewhere. (NOt always in that tone. If people keep bugging me about it I may get rude, but I try to be respectful until that.) That was my biggest problem with this strategy. Its too campy. (I was just sharing it) I am also reminded: Stubborn Runners and Stubborn Campers (Especially Stubborn TEAMS of Campers) Dont really get along well in Zombie games o-o.
  14. Don't you find that this gets you a disproportionate amount of the zombies? Logic would state that the campers would get bulk of it (math would say 75%), but that doesn't seem to be the case in practice. Also, do you have trouble with someone being willing to leave camp to revive you? ...I ask too many questions. :oops: Contrary actually. There are intervals where campers will get a large chunk, and I will get a large chunk, but it will usually end with me having 100s more kills (2 cases in my entire Black Ops zombie career where this DIDNT happen) And yes, the revive thing happens ALL THE TIME. My routes always leave me in a great position to Revive everyone, and I do, many many times, but when I die, they just leave me and then die. (Not EVERY time, but this is usually how it goes with randoms) Honestly, a lot of the time, when I know my partners are "bad" or not on their game, I say its alright if they dont revive me. I am a master of Comebacks. But when they are genuinely "bad players" they will freak out when I die and basicly go on suicide missions trying to revive me, regardless of what I say.
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