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    You odd little astronaut...

    I think Tom's QED thread covers the subject extremely well: http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=85&t=19323. There are some more quotes to be found; the characters will say very specific things if they happen to be looking right as the astronaut spawns. I have heard Richtofen say "Space Giant! We must kill it" and "It wears a suit but is still dead..." This also confirms that it is a zombie. I'll try to get some of the others, but it's kind of tricky to know where it's going to spawn and make sure you're looking there lol.
  2. Black Wolf

    Black ops zombies sound problems

    Likewise, it seems to be a problem if I lose my connection to Xbox Live. What system are you playing on, maybe that will help locate the problem, assuming its not XBL connection issues?
  3. Black Wolf

    Earth totally not destroyed

    If I recall, I read that people had tried to be on Earth for the impact and basically nothing happens. Furthermore, if you go to Earth again after doing such, it stays in its normal condition. Also, 115 is almost certainly element 115, Ununpentium, from the periodic table as 115 - Uup is written on one of the Der Riese chalkboards.
  4. Black Wolf

    You odd little astronaut...

    ...or it's really the zombified remains of Dr. Schuster or Dr. Groph.... /crackpot theory But no, seriously, this is probably one of those thing that will just end up being game mechanics, as they wanted a sort of boss zombie. It's similar to the Pentagon thief and George Romero in that it periodically returns no matter how many times you kill it, so if you wanted to explore that angle, you could. The explosion could potentially be explained by the gunfire reacting with the oxygen of the P.E.S.

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