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  1. Idk if there's already been a thread about this or not, but has anyone else ever seen the moon boss just stop in the biodome and start dancing? It's happened to me twice. Once online directly in front of phb flopper with the music playing, and one by the door near the teleporter with no music, just in the middle of the path dancing. I took a video but i cant get it off my cell phone but picture will be up soon. Thoughts? expiriences? ideas on how to get him to do it. BTW he can still take your perks if you get too close but he does not move from the spot hes at for the rest of the game.
  2. Lol, just messin around with you bro. Sarcasm doesn't transition well over text. There needs to be a sarcasm smiley or something. ya i was actually drunk when i read that lmao my bad dude
  3. There's a good way to prevent that. Don't leave crawlers lying around. no shit i couldnt figure that one out thanks
  4. Crawlers usually do me in and not nova 6 crawlers like grenade crawlers
  5. Yeah thats true id say that pretty much disproves the theory its the artist's name, unless its then the photogrophers name.
  6. ok how exactly does NML record's work. Isnt it when u first start off how many kills you can get before you die? And when do the rounds change. ive gotten to 52 kills with jugg right off the beginning and i cant figure out how everybody is getting 200+ kills.
  7. Ya its just something i thought of that would be cool its not really a serious theory just something i thought of. And ya it has alot of holes in it.
  8. Right its just an idea theres absolutely no fact backing it up as a theory i just thought it might be a cool take on what they might do next.
  9. Ok so, the moon easter egg doesnt really leave us with much to go on, considering as how the earth is blown up. 8ut remember our characters can travel through time. Ok so heres an idea i came up with while watching history channel. They have a show called ancient aliens and they were talking about how humans made these pictures of dome like structures in siberia that when people go near them, they get flu like symptoms and basically get really sick. A recent expidition to the are of siberia resulted in a find of 30 foot deep holes in the ground filled with water. Some of the explorers actually got sick and had to be helicoptered out. Sam has already vowed to get back at richtofen for gurting maxis. So richtofen attempts to flee from sam in the teleporter but the teleeporter is low on fuel. So what if those domes in siberia contained elemnt 115 which richtofen would need for the teleporter. An easter egg could be written in wiith sam following richtofen and the characters there and trying to stop them......so what do you guys think. Im completely open to criticism and ideas to this story.
  10. Ok so can you hack the red power ups that drop from a QED then? and if so do they become green and change into what? ive never tried it thoughts? Any way very useful post [brains]
  11. maybe the name of the artist fits into the story somehow? idk its just something i saw and noticed nobody really talked about it
  12. Has anyone else noticed that the pictures in the mule kick room of kino have the word wender written on them in the bottom right corner? Looking for ideas on what it means.
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