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  1. Did u ever ply solo and hear the voice ;)
  2. Ok so i was playing der riese solo (remember this) as Nikoli so i was on round 19 and i was going to buy QR so i bought it and then i heard someone talk NOT NIKOLI he said "Dempsey dont get exited its just a headshot" so i thought to myself it cant be sam cause it was a guy then i said its not nikolis voice so i desided it was the ghost of peter so im wondering if u guys ever heard a strange voice plz post :D
  3. I did the Easter Egg yesterday and nikoli did say somthing he said something about him killing his 9th wife by blowing up the earth and that he cant top his recard of 9 wifes :D
  4. I find it funny how u drink mule kick with your pes :lol:
  5. y would they need a new golden rod a focising stone they could just take the old 1 :o
  6. when richoften puts the upgaraded golden rod sam and richoften switch souls BUT what if sam takes the golden rod and fill the tubes again and put the rod back in would they switch souls again feel free to correct me :D
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