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  1. Just picked my 1st teammate for the olympics - be warned.

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    2. mralways1


      Wtf... You got zzzsweat???!!!!, how the funk did this happen? That's insane

    3. Chopper


      For a little while I thought I was going to get Inferno118 too, who has done some very impressive stuff with my friend Legacy. Way if you had still been available, I'd have got you :) If we could have picked our own teams, I had Mato, Steve, Scottie and Boysta lined up ;)

    4. way2g00d


      OAAC Gaming chose me to his team. I feel like he is my master and I am his slave. I cannot leave my master unless you free him with 1000 Dinarets. All jokes aside, I don't think we can game because of time difference. I usually cannot play till late nights now. Except weekends, So, I think I'll pass. Lets meet in finals :)

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