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  1. Can someone, anyone, give me a brief synopsis on Dead Island? And whether they'd recommend purchasing it or not, as it's pretty cheap (£15).
  2. I just hate how a lot of their opinions they think are fact. For instance: Haha, no one plays Black Ops anymore- Wrong. If I am correct, more people actually play that than MW3 Treyarch is terrible! Long live IW! (even their staff says this! That's unproffesional) and others which I am too lazy to post, or have forgotten about. Yeah, I don't disagree with you. The majority of their users are self-righteous snobs, and even worse, bronies. But I don't let it bother me. As the old saying goes; "Opinions are like assholes. Everybody's got one and everyone thinks everyone else's stinks."
  3. They're resistant to change, like the majority of close-knit communities, it's just that the users on COD Wiki are maybe a little more on the extreme side. Some people here on CODZ aren't too dissimilar, actually. I've managed to have a couple of bits and pieces (false articles) changed here and there by linking a citation as proof. Nowadays, I only ever visit COD Wiki for trivial character facts and/or their bios.
  4. Supremacia


    Fact is from my time here not a single person who has made a leaving thread has actually left. Actually, I think most of the time people use them as a way to garner attention. Sad, really.
  5. Supremacia


    In some ways it is. For instance, killallzombies. He really hasn't posted much in awhile. Phsycokiller also left just like he said. Lot of the bronies have. Strictly, it isn't. Leaving is not coming back at all, or not coming back for a while. Not going from posting 10 times a day to once every couple of days. From recent memory Doggy and Jolteon have made "leaving threads" enclosed with a speech that wouldn't be out of place as an Oscar acceptance; both of which never actually ended up leaving, with the former "coming back" the very same night. Threads like these just grate on me, if you're going to leave then do so. No need to make a song and dance about it.
  6. Agreed, GIFs are especially bad and should be outrightly banned from being in signatures.
  7. Supremacia


    Not true. Some people actually do leave, or become at least slightly unactive. Not during my albeit short time on here. NB: Becoming 'slightly less active' isn't leaving.
  8. Supremacia


    People who making leaving threads, never actually end up leaving. Fact.
  9. Shirt (white or black), trousers (black) and shoes (black) is the way to go regarding interviews. A tie and/or blazer doesn't really matter. They don't have to be top-of-the-range either. You can buy a shirt, trousers and a pair of shoes for less than £40 from discount stores, that'll make you look well presented for job interviews.
  10. Dress smartly; shirt, trousers, shoes, etc. Appearances shouldn't matter, but they do. If you go in there wearing casual clothes then you're going to be giving off the impression that you aren't really bothered about getting the job. First impressions are everything. If you look good, it'll help you feel good. Do your research about the company. What do they do? Who are their customers? What is the job likely to involve? How can you best fit your skills to match the job? Questions to ask if they give you the chance to do so are: What are the most and least enjoyable aspects of the role? Is there a chance of a future promotion? How would you describe the work culture here? What is a typical day like for someone in a similar position to the one I am applying for? How will you measure my performance? How often? Asking questions when/if the interviewer says "Is there anything you'd like to ask?" is important. It shows you've thought about the job and it shows you're enthusiastic about the job role/working for the company. It's also important to prepare for what the interviewer will ask you. Why do you want the job? Describe a situation where you worked in a team? What do you expect to be doing in five years time? What are your strengths/weaknesses? Who else have you applied to/got/had interviews with? Have you done this kind of work before? What do you do in your sparetime? What maks you think you are the right person for the job? Make sure to practice your questions and answers reguarly beforehand. Also, know where you're beng interviewed and how you're going to get there/how long it takes. Make sure to arrive 10/15 minutes before your interview is supposed to begin. And be sure to have all the relevant paperwork with you; CV, qualifications, etc. And remember if you're nervous when you get there that it's natural. If you're nervous, your voice might sound shaky and squeaky. Practice slow, deep breathing before you get to the interview, it'll slow your heart rate down and help you avoid taking quick, shallow breaths. Enter the interview confidently. Shake hands firmly and introduce yourself. Always smile. Be polite, friendly and look the interviewer in the eye at all times. Check if it's okay to use cue cards/notes during the interview (you might want to write some questions to ask down). Look interested and ask questions as well as answer them. Answer questions as fully as you can, don't just say "yes" or "no". Provide examples to prove your skills ans achievements. If you don't understand a question then ask. Speak clearly. Sell yourself, get your good points across and be positive. Listen. Answer questions with examples. Be prepared. Don't treat the interview as if it's "just a job" at some fast food joint. Treat every job interview the same. Best of luck!
  11. I wouldn't go that far, personally. Just a simple spectator option would suffice. Damn, I forgot about that. Hell yes!
  12. LMS = last man standing. Thankyou, Moon.
  13. I expect a better match-making system. An option where I can exclude being paired with split-screeners; on-top of that if players haven't "readyed up" in a lobby within say 5 minutes, they should be automatically kicked.
  14. You know what, one thing I'd love to see is a "spectator" option in zombies, where you can just watch a game; would be pretty cool.
  15. Haha, yes I bet you were after the World Cup. :lol:

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