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    Fact is from my time here not a single person who has made a leaving thread has actually left. Actually, I think most of the time people use them as a way to garner attention. Sad, really.
  2. Supremacia


    In some ways it is. For instance, killallzombies. He really hasn't posted much in awhile. Phsycokiller also left just like he said. Lot of the bronies have. Strictly, it isn't. Leaving is not coming back at all, or not coming back for a while. Not going from posting 10 times a day to once every couple of days. From recent memory Doggy and Jolteon have made "leaving threads" enclosed with a speech that wouldn't be out of place as an Oscar acceptance; both of which never actually ended up leaving, with the former "coming back" the very same night. Threads like these just grate on me, if you're going to leave then do so. No need to make a song and dance about it.
  3. Supremacia


    Not true. Some people actually do leave, or become at least slightly unactive. Not during my albeit short time on here. NB: Becoming 'slightly less active' isn't leaving.
  4. Supremacia


    People who making leaving threads, never actually end up leaving. Fact.
  5. I expect a better match-making system. An option where I can exclude being paired with split-screeners; on-top of that if players haven't "readyed up" in a lobby within say 5 minutes, they should be automatically kicked.
  6. You're banned for being a brony. I kiiiiiiiiiiid. I don't wanna ban you. :(
  7. Got to round 38 last night/early this morning with three randoms (two of them split-screening). I had thunder-gun/zeus cannon and upgraded ray gun. Another guy had gerschs and upgraded ray gun. Anyway, I ran circles around the first lander with relative ease. The three guys started going down consistently from round 28. Revived them quite a few times (my total revive count was 56). Then one guy said he was going to bed and immediately left. He was the host. FUUUMMMEEEEEEE!!!
  8. I see that and raise you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MA8rhf2KVzs
  9. I find Shangri-La the most enjoyable and replayable of the three. Funnily enough I've never had a problem with randoms on there. I've always been able to PaP when needed, and rarely do I come across point whores on there. COTD on the other hand is manic for it. People always hitting George, refusing to open doors, always spamming the box... Uh. Ascension just isn't to my taste. I just find it bland and boring. The worst map I'd say.
  10. I have two major gripes in zombies. The first is people stealing zombies from your window in the early rounds; I'll be waiting for them to come to the window so I can knife them and someone comes along and shoots them with his 500 gun off the wall. Frustrating. The second is people who have the most points in the game and they refuse to open a door. Even a 750 door. They just outright refuse. Knifing you to say 'open the door'. Imbeciles. Now onto myself, haha! My own worst habit has to be reloading after every kill, I don't even think about doing it now, it comes naturally; got me into a few sticky situations!

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