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  1. I expect a better match-making system. An option where I can exclude being paired with split-screeners; on-top of that if players haven't "readyed up" in a lobby within say 5 minutes, they should be automatically kicked.
  2. That LILJOLP fellow who keeps on commenting on your video... IS THIS REAL LIFE?
  3. Personally I like to open everything up and freeball. But if someone asks me nicely to not open a door and doesn't glitch, then I'll go with the flow. However if I see someone doing the lighthouse glitch I'll open the door straightaway, which leads to much amusement from the glitchers' rage.
  4. It's a nice touch, along with your screen "freezing" over if you stay in the water for too long.
  5. Rumours are that it is a bloody good viral marketing campaign by Paramount for the next Transformers movie.
  6. 51 on Kino? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mntEsGh7Jn4
  7. Just thought I'd clarify to avoid confusion. Again, a big well done!
  8. WHS. But it's down to the individual. Some people find Ascension the easiest. Some find Moon the easiest. Some find Moon the hardest. Different strokes for different folks. Personally, for me, Kino is the easiest map to date, with Verruckt a close second. While Moon I find the hardest of all the maps, that's not to say I dislike playing it, it's one of my favourite maps, I just find it difficult.
  9. Getting the views is not as important as getting the true appreciation. Not everyone does it for views. I never said or insinuated that he does it for the views. I merely stated that is was a shame his video hadn't had more views as there are others out there who haven't done as well and have 10x the views.
  10. It screams the end of the World to me. It screams an alien invasion is imminent. They're watching us guys and girls. Barney and Betty were right all those years ago. RUUNN FOR THE HILLS!!!!!!!!
  11. Very cool bro. I just watched your 306. It's a shame it hasn't got more views though. Deserves it.
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