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  1. Probably the fairest thing is to go by the map rules accepted by sites like zombie records, since these are generally accepted by the high round players. For example, they don't accept the flag ammo method on SoE. I don't always agree with their rules on what is and isn't an exploit or glitch but at least it's more or less a consensus the community can refer to.
  2. This isn't true, I have pack a punched the servant holding a double pack a punched gun. I find the trick is to hold down the F key (pc) a few seconds rather than just tapping it when swapping weapons
  3. It's a good map though, overall I'm happy personally I only do the easter egg once to get it out of the way, I'm more interested in working out efficient strats and high rounds myself. Treyarch have really gone OTT with EE's since Ascension.
  4. The producer, like most people at the time, did not know the means used to complete the easter egg.
  5. Your experience might be different but being involved with a few different gaming communites eg warframe, elder scrolls online etc and I can tell you that they have a completely different feel to the COD community, both in game and in related forums.
  6. Great post., I'd just like to say my experience on the codzombies forum here has always been pleasant, considering how toxic the COD community has become. I have been a member of various other zombies community forums one in particular I ended up quitting for good due to the hostile way the mods and site admins treated new or infrequent visitors combined with their unprofessional and offensive behaviour and comments relating to the death of someone in the community however this place has remained a pretty laid back friendly place to come and talk about zombies. Keep up the good work guys
  7. I haven't read the other comments but I'd just like to point out that storyline is completely unnecessary for a game to be good. Nazi Zombies never had a storyline originally, the storyline was introduced later when it became popular and the fans started making up parts of the backstory themselves. That's why Nacht der Untoten has absolutely no connection the zombies story as we know it today.
  8. It's you. The shield is more useful in this map than any other, and I personally prioritize getting it first thing. Apart from basic protection it provides from zombie slaps from behind while worn on your back here are some uses for it: *Can be held out in front of you while training around generators you are powering up for almost complete protection in early rounds *Can be used as a decoy when planted to distract last zombie while standing under robot foot to get teleported without killing zombie *Can be used to easily melee kill zombies at holy water and tank station to get G-Strike grenades as early as round 6 *Can be used to block Panzer Soldat's claw of death *Can go prone with it on your back for complete immunity to robot stomp (actually I made that last one up it would be cool but don't try it hahaha )
  9. Some of the rings have the same symbol more than once. Because all four lines of symbols have to be in the right order to match the wall symbols you may need to rotate one of the symbols to the next symbol which is the same to line up the other three lines correctly. Hope this makes sense.
  10. I got the G-Strike nades at round 7, its actually pretty easy using the shield bash, here is how I did it: tG7yi6DxSBE
  11. This is a forum dude. You need to put in text steps otherwise its just video spam
  12. ah first of all this thread is kind of tongue in cheek. ...But actually if you tap the fire button slowly it never overheats, personally I find it never gets over 30. You need to use it right is all ;)
  13. Step 1: Get Paralyser Step 2: Hide in the Jug alley or the Saloon corridor Step 3: Mash fire button until boredom sets in [insert View Whore Youtube Video Spam Here]
  14. I have updated with a couple of more abilities I have confirmed during gameplay
  15. Only if the wiki info is verified/abolished. Sure. I will remove additional wiki info and test later today when I get home from work to update once verified. I know for a fact some of the things mentioned on the wiki re the Giant aren't correct so your point is valid.
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