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  1. This is a challenge game on Mob of the Dead with yours truly, S1ippery Jim! In this game I set myself the challenge of surviving a full 30 rounds using only the Golden Spork to kill zombies. Problem is, the 30 rounds start from when I get the spork! Will I succeed or die trying? This series also shows a great solo strategy to get set up in the early rounds (I get hells retriever and the Acid Gat and fly the plane at round 4, and get the Golden Spork at round 8) 6euruXblFHE
  2. Its not deadshot daquiri, in fact it is nothing remotely like it. I have this 'perk' and all it does is pop zombies heads, there is no increase in damage, no extra points and it does not count as a headshot for your player. I have tested this. It is only a cosmetic 'fun' type of ability. People only started calling it Deadshot because that is the only perk they know associated with headshots. Actually it is likely that many of these permanent abilities have nothing to do with the perks we are familiar with at all.
  3. 1. This guy has only 300K points on a map where you have to kill all the zombies without traps. He should have more than 7 million points in hand by this stage, even hitting the box frequently. 2. In the clip he doesn't seem to be actually killing any zombies. 3. He does not show how he is actually killing zombies, he is just running a train, using flopper (which is useless at round 100) and spraying for points. 4. There is no death screen to show actual final kills or points. 5. The dude wanted to be anonymous and provided this to someone else to upload (WTF?) perhaps he was worried about getting banned or ruining his reputation? For these reasons I don't consider this a world record and highly dubious for a number of reasons, although there is no way to say for sure due to the limited evidence submitted. As shown by the leaderboards on World at War (where there are literally thousands of hackers/glitchers with the top scores), Black Ops and MW3 Survival it is way too easy for hackers/mod users/glitchers to get to high rounds. What some of them do is hack instantly to a high round of their choice, then run a simple train, record 3 mins of footage and try to claim a world record without showing any death screen.
  4. Hey Superhands thanks for going to the trouble of looking these up! I had thought therelaxingend had also got to 45 on Nacht. I kinda thought no one was interested in this thread which is why I haven't checked in on it for a while. I will have to look up the record for COTD (I think its about 70)
  5. Here are my thoughts on the update, particularly the addition of COD points -irOaVIswdw I'm interested in knowing if any Zombies players would ever want or need to buy doors/perks/weapons etc with real world money instead of just, you know, playing the game?!
  6. *sigh* Treyarch told us before the map was even released, way back in June 2009 that the map was set in Japan. Why is this even being discussed as if it were a mystery lol! We need new Zombies maps to debate, the Zombies 'off season' is too long hahahaha
  7. Classic case of overthinking guys. It couldn't be much clearer. SNN is in Japan. Let's move on.
  8. You have done very well to point out the Kookaburra sound effects in SNN, I mention this too in my Shi No Numa strategy video on Youtube, eg that Kookaburras are only located in Aus or PNG. Due to the use of this in the map it is logical to surmise the map is located in PNG as this is the only area the Japanese were present in WWII (apart from a few isolated bombing runs in Northern Aus). You can hear the distinctive 'laughing' Kookaburra sound effect clearly by going out the back of the fishing hut where the fishing pole is... However your theory is not correct, however well thought out it may be. From the original trailer for SNN: (directly off the [email protected] website) "Soldiers, We’ve got some bad news. The zombie infestation previously plaguing isolated areas within Germany has spread to the Pacific. Communication is shoddy at best, but we’ve pinned what sounds like an SOS signal to a remote jungle location in Japan. Heavy fog and impassible swamp terrain have left reconnaissance efforts near fruitless. However, we have secured intelligence supporting the survival of an Allied force in the area. The map below was found on the ground near the signal location, but evacuation became necessary as night began to fall. Our recon squad is made up of some of the toughest and meanest soldiers you’ll ever meet, but they’re smart enough to get out before the dogs start preying at night; those hounds of Hell make their living counterparts seem about as threatening as a bunch of kittens after dinner. With the war demanding every ounce of strength we can muster, there’s no telling when a full search and rescue operation will be conducted. For now we can only hope that our soldiers in the swamp can hold the zombies off." This is also evident from Takeo and Richtofen quotes in Kino in which they say (about the meteorites found in Kino) "I wonder if they stole this from Japan" eg referring to the Shi No Numa swamp meteorite.
  9. The writing on the wall in Kino is in the Illuminati code, just like that used in Der Riese. Eg what looks like a 'n' is actually an A, what looks like a 'J' is actually E, what looks like an 'r' is actually T, the '.' is H, * is an E and circle with line through it is an R. Which gives us A E T H E R. So translates to "Aether" and may be a reference to how Richotofen Dempsey Takeo and Nikolai were transported from Der Riese to Kino (eg via Teleporter). Der Riese has similar graffiti which says 'return through Aether'. http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/image ... i30_03.gif
  10. I don't think it's so much about the length of the games but about how easy they have become. If you have ever played zombies past round 40 you know how repetitive it becomes. It is hard to sustain a sense of fun playing a 5hr+ game if it is overly repetitive, unless you are playing with friends chatting with them the whole time making your own entertainment of course, but it becomes an excercise in concentration and stamina. I would prefer a short intense game - in fact this is the way zombies was originally intended to be, as a short intense minigame. One way they could change this up is by introducing a time challenge. GOW3 does this well, by having 'beast mode' as a compliment to Horde mode. Now bear with me here because this is relevant to Zombies...Horde mode is to round 50 and can take over 5 hrs depending on the difficulty setting, however beast mode is based on finishing the round within a certain time limit (time is extended based on kills etc), this makes it a short fast, intense game of only about 12-14 mins ending at round 12. This is actually something that could be introduced in Zombies as a new game type for a quick fast intense game of zombies. Eg Each round could have a time limit you need to finish the round within to move on to the next round.
  11. Absolutely. Coincidentally I make exactly this point in the commentary for my latest video (Verruckt strategy). In Verruckt, for example they removed the sprinting zombies from BO version of the map to make it easier. Now anyone can get to high rounds in Verruckt by just walking laps of the map. Plus the introduction of QR for solo (I refuse to use it), mule kick on all maps, bigger maps that may be more complicated but have wide open areas easy to run a train in, etc etc etc. This all results in ridiculously long games. I have no doubt Treyarch/Activision went down this path to make Zombies more 'accessible' to new or inexperienced players. I definately believe Treyarch should release at least one or two really small maps that are difficult. The NML mini-game (leaderboard) is a great idea but difficult map or two would be welcome for the more advanced hardcore zombies fans.
  12. Greetings Zombie Slayers! I thought it would be great to create a thread listing the high round and highest points world records for each Zombies map, both World at War versions as well as Black Ops, for both solo and coop. IMPORTANT: To qualify as a world record there must be a video available eg on YouTube etc showing actual gameplay and it must be legit - no hacks cheats or glitches. If you are aware of a current World Record, please leave a post with the record holders gamertag, map, the final round or points tally and a link to the video.

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