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    This was a useless post You're a useless poster. You NEVER have anything positive or crucial to add to a conversation. You basically just complain and try to belittle people, first sign of someone with self esteem issues. I suggest you work on whatever is bothering you about yourself, and I'll bet you in turn will learn to respect others thoughts and opinions.
  2. Let me make sure I am understanding you correctly. You asked people not to make a new thread regarding the theory of the new perk being three weapons. Yet YOU make a new thread kind of devoted to the fact you believe it's not three weapons. Cute. You are not a mod, quit typing like you are one.
  3. Way to be a fucking ass to someone new here. I don't read the COD forums anymore due to the fact it's filled with people like you. Everybody else, thanks for your input. It was something I noticed and thought might be a hint or clue. Judging by the evidence I'm sure he's not making an appearance, but was worth a shot to mention.
  4. I'm new but have been lurking for a while reading up and trying to get familiar. Had a question, would it be possible that Reznov will be "rezurrected", possibly as a boss or apart of Richtofen's masterplan? Thinking this due to the zombie on the main poster for Rezurrection looks oddly enough like Reznov, and then also the REZ connection. Just an idea, and if this had already been asked or debunked I apologize, I looked and couldn't find anything on this.
  5. I've been lurking around fairly regularly for the past three months or so. Decided I should probably stop being a complete vagina and post. A few things about me: I've been on earth 28 years or so. My favorite color is purple. I am a classic case for INTP. I have a tendency to be sarcastic sometimes. Okay, a lot of times. I love Subway's Sweet Onion sauce. I am an unwavering and unapologetic agnostic. My biggest pet peeve is lying and parents who cannot control their bratty ass crumbsnatchers. Oh yeah, I usually cannot handle being around children for longer than an hour. After that I get kinda stabby. I love animals more than most humans.
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