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  1. Well, if you have a twiiter and are following a lot of gaming websites like i have, you would have figured out the new map pack is named Resurrection, it was confirmed in a press conference recently and is scheduled to release this September, map names have not been confirmed yet but there is gonna be a map pack, here are some links if you don't believe me. The last link is the best http://bit.ly/pW1Zzi http://ow.ly/5Uxoo http://bit.ly/oX9erL http://bit.ly/qsDoWA http://ow.ly/5UyfN
  2. You may be right but, remember the file dumps, in those you see lots logins and but no passwords, just because cheaters couldn't find the password doesn't mean it doesn't exist
  3. All For One Cost: 30 You Get every single perk in the game and on this thread and if you get downed you keep them, the bad thing is that when you get downed, you only have 1/100 of the time to get revived, but when you die you lose everything and the points you get are only half of what you usually get
  4. Found a glitch the other day, at the top of the light house where the mystery box spawns, i was hiding behind the stairs and i was prone, i left to take a piss, when i came back, i was untouched, no zombies near me and it was mid match, about round 13
  5. Hello friend, i hope your stay here is as good as it can be
  6. Look at the time of the video, 1:15, lol
  7. It would be awesome if this just deepened the zombies storyline because its just so great and i wanna know more
  8. Im not as involved in the storyline/conspiracies of zombies as so people are but from what i have learned is that Samantha is in Aether with Dr. Maxis, but your idea does make so sort of sense and if you can connect it with some more facts, then you might be onto something here.
  9. There probably wont be a sequel but hypothetically speaking, if there is a sequel, would there be an antagonist or would it go back to the basics and just be plan out zombies killing??? What do you think???
  10. CotD because i play solo more often than multiplayer and the monkeys in Ascension just make it impossible for me to play solo
  11. just go to mystery box at round 8 like people already said, if you already tried this then im sorry but the mystery box hates you
  12. i would play with you but i just need to get the new map pack first, my psn in InfectedJoker, its a new account, the i in infected is a lowercase L by the way
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