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  1. Hey folks, This is my first time ever posting this sort of thread/theory/whatever, so bear with me. I've been thinking about MOTD's relevance in the story line, and why Richtofen has blood vials belonging to two of the mobsters - and I think I may have a solid theory which "may" explain. So what if MOTD is actually symbolic of where the N4 were/are trapped after the events of moon? As we know, Moon suddenly ended when Richtofen swapped souls with Sam, and then randomly leaving the other four characters to their own devices. Now, with all the time rift stuff going on, what if the
  2. Hey guys Quick q; how do I change sides? Originally I did Maxis, now I want to do Richtofen. I just did the Richtofen EE with my friend (he hosted) and we completed it. However, upon starting a solo game I noticed that the tower is still red (maxis) and there is no evidence of the completed Richtofen side. WTF? Also: I heard Richtofens voice as Samuel again...surely I am not meant to hear Richtofen, if I have already completed his side? Help would be much appreciated!
  3. I didn't know MOTD is out for PC :roll: To OP: Check my signature for steam group where you find players to do the Egg. THx!
  4. Need a couple of people to make this happen. Add me! http://steamcommunity.com/id/treboruk/
  5. Need two more people to make this happen. Add me on steam! http://steamcommunity.com/id/treboruk/
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