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  1. it wasnt really a strat it was just a friendly game but we were all beasting it out. But what we did is at the very start 3 people at the bottom and one by the teleporter, the people at the bottom need to try and get as much points as they can before they get over run, then the person with the most points at the bottom will go and join the person at the teleporter. And from there on i guess its prety obvious what you do. And thats why i chose the name "Bum Puff" hahaha its funny :lol:
  2. What happened with me is I got jugg, then my mate, then my other mate so three of us had jugg, then just as the other guy got jugg one of our teammates died trying to help him so we technically got 4 people with jugg but straight away the other guy died :L
  3. Watch this it is awesome the new perk is called "Mule kick" and what happens is when you buy it after you kill a few zombies a drop will spawn from one of the zombies you kill and it will drop a random gun and you go pick it up and Wala you now have Three guns :twisted: And at 2:55 you see the wave gun in action then he swaps to his secondary which is the Akimbo wave guns but they are called "Porter's X2 Zap Gun Duel Wield" OMFG ANOTHER GUN FROM PORTER Heres the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTxAcZfO ... ture=feedf
  4. He is in Der Riese and obviously when Dempsy got there he took control over it :D
  5. this is a pretty good theroy BUT what if your using a weapon thats nearly impossible to use Akimbo with it. E.g: M27 law, L96 A1 and Draganov :shock:
  6. Yea awkard.... Just to inform you there will be two new wonder weapons that are allready confirmed by Treyarch themselfs, oh and a new perk but know one really knows what it does yet, people think it will give you three guns because of "Thrice the zombie slaying fun" but i think what they meant by that was: 1:Wave gun 2:QED 3:New perk (3=Thrice= Thrice the zombie slaying fun) The first wonderweapon being the "Wave gun" what i think is that it is an pimped out raygun, assault rifle version :twisted: And second the "QED" No one exactly knows what this does yet, but it sounds epic and on another note YES i hope the scavenger returns aswell but unlikely since on every map theres only been 3 Wonder weapons (apart from CotD): The Primary(Wunder waffe, Thunder gun, Winters howl, VR 11,Scavenger, 31-79 JGb 215 and the Wave gun.) The secondary(Raygun in all maps) Special Grenades(Monkey bombs, Matrshka dolls or how ever you spell it, gresh device's and the QED.)
  7. Nice man, i cant really explain the fealing i have when i read it, but it just feels so epic :)
  8. Actualy, your wrong, Nearly every person that i know on this site is very dedicated to zombies including myself and most of us are dedicated enough to do 2 easter eggs to complete THE MOST AWESOME EASTER EGG ON MOON! anyway i dont think that will be the case. 3arc will probably not make you complete 2 long easter eggs just to do one, they may but probably not. Oh and btw im not excited for MW3, IMO i think its going be just like MW2 and i reckon that wasnt a too good game, they didnt have very many "mini games" to play when one game mode got boring. I mean they have Campaign, Special ops and Multiplayer. Black ops has Campaign, Zombies (yeah buddy), multiplayer, and on private matches you can increase the speed of your player fo a litle fun to play with friends and DOA it is included in Zombies BUT its completely different to Zombies in a way. Sorry for that it was abit uncalled for but i was just sharing my thoughts -peace
  9. Nice story man, i wonder where richtofen goes too ? Oh and btw [brains] 's to you.
  10. i wouldnt consider them bosses. Oh, well, I guess the entire forum should just stop considering them bosses, along with Treyarch, just because YOU don't consider them bosses. Has anyone told you yet that the worl does not revolve around you? Hahahaha that made me laugh thanks for that little joy in my day :3
  11. I reckon all those zombie is actually being hit by a trap since if you look underneath the zombies jumping there is like air/tornadoe type of thing that looks like its pushing them away, you never know it may even be the new "Wave gun" in action. EDIT: i think it may just be a trap because i think the "wave gun" is an assault rifle type ray gun.
  12. The sound track was confirmed it was in carbonfibah's post if you didnt read it Well for free if bought the Hardened or Prestige editions of Black Ops just like me And somewhere else it said "3 New Songs in the zombie soundtrack never before been included before" or something like that. And hopefully that "moon" theme will look sick ;)
  13. well we know its possible from the SNN glitch We know its possible from the every map glitch :D
  14. Dude your pretty best hit me up GT: Cannon ty ;)
  15. This should be "would you rather have Duel Rayguns or a single Wonder Waffe in black ops ? " Anyway i would choose duel rays man you would kill alot of ZOMB-BITCHES :twisted:
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