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  1. i just spent 2 minutes of my life watching your picture lol i get that a lot :P
  2. im pretty sure they will add some thing new since you were saying that the maps are already 2 years old plus they have been for BO for 8 months, they have to add some thing new to keep the community on the edge of their seats or some thing like that
  3. I don't think there is such thing as a "complex" EE, maybe they just didn't have enough time to make a full easter egg on that map and i think they may extend or make a new easter egg on Der Reise since they are adding one in SNN
  4. Greenchico97

    Moon song?

    When you die in S-L list3en to the end song, that's the new song for moon
  5. I know i really don't care how my character looks but as in face customization i would really like if it was ultimate customization
  6. Moon map! Rezurrection! guys!!!! soon to be released
  7. i pre-ordered MW3 and the other day i wanted to upgrade to hardened edition but they told me that they haven't received information about it yet, they said they wanna keep it a secret 0.o hmmmm they beeter tell us soon cause i wanna pre-oder it
  8. Yah download 1.11!!! woooo 2 more days can't wait!
  9. They would need dedicated servers due to the different information types of the consoles
  10. Wow never thought it like that that's pretty kool [brains]'s to you good job
  11. Nice find [brains]'s for you sir, i did read somehwere that a plane was nicknamed Rochotfen on Wikipedia but i didn't look much into it and that is very kool my friend
  12. Treyarch is a production company they need a publishing company unless they get money out of their asses and make their own publishing company, if not they can with somebody else that isn't money hungry like Activision
  13. im still buying MW3 but im giving up hope for that failure...im looking forward to Battlefield 3
  14. AGREEDD, OMA, commando, second chance,danger close, all pissed me off, honestly i think they should have the Black Ops perks without second chance, tweak them a bit, cause when i played MW2 ALL the good perks was the 1st one, it has everything sleight of hand, marathon,Bling, and others except OMA, second and third perk all sucked only good ones from second were stopping power and cold-blooded, only good from 3rd was commando, like really sit rep i never really use, ninja? its not like people are gonna have their tv's blasting in order to hear you, scrambler gives your position away or at least notify that your near, also the equipment stuff in MW2 a claymore replaced your grenade but in BO you had claymore and grenade/semtex and so on hope they have this type of variety, i felt like MW2 i was limited with my perks
  15. I agree it should be ULTIMATE customization like getting to choose where to put your clan tag and how big, uploading your own images for emblems, making your own camo, giving your player a choice to have sunglasses, hat, purple pants etc.etc...now that would be epic
  16. Well if they make a MP 4 they will have to release 2 months before the release of MW3 Activision said that this would have the most map packs so MP4 released on September then month later for PS3 meaning little time to play...so im guessing we might get the MP4 near mid August or the end of it due to they have to stop making MP when a new CoD title is released and a month later for PC and PS3, honestly i have nothing against XboX but i hate Microsoft for even doing that and stupid greedy bastards over at Activision for even accepting/purposing the damn deal, good thing it ends 2012 which means that they will release several MP's for MW3 since MW2 only had one and the classic MP which sucked, hope they do make more for MW3, why can't we just get along and stop the console wars, its pretty damn stupid...
  17. 1st WELCOME TO THE FORUMS! This does sound interesting as i ahve not seen this but will check it out and good job for decoding maybe decoded further or Treyarch just put in random symbols on there to make more Illuminati feeling type thing maybe it wasn't meant to be decoded just decoration? OR your onto something big...
  18. i like Block & Grey better and the guy above me pretty summed it up
  19. only 1 correction they teleported Fluffy 1st and that's when little Samantha came in when she Maxis and Rictofen teleporting the dog and then Roctofen locked them in the room when Fluffy reappeared through lightning and killed them
  20. Thank you! people over think these things to much always try to pull something from anywhere they can...there are no 2 Richtofens...
  21. Alright 1st of all there are no 2 Richtofens, somebody else on the forums made the same mistake, Treyarch puts scenes together if you pay attention Dempsey is riding the cart when Richtofen is on the ground and then switches back to Richtofens POV :geek:
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