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  1. There has to be more. The story can't be one sided, because some people have helped Maxis and some people have helped richtofen. I've said this many times before, yet it continues to get ignored, and I'm getting frustrated. There has to be a climax of sorts. You turn on the Pylon and that's it? No. The Navcard has to do SOMETHING. Think about it. Navcard = Navigation Card, so there has to be something we're navigating, like the card holds coordinates for something. How do we achieve this? I honestly have no clue. We're close, I can feel it. If we keep coming up with things to try, we're bound to hit a breakthrough.
  2. No, they are not going to add on to Green Run or Tranzit. We have the whole globe to explore. I've also posted something along the lines of there being a map in the southern hemisphere (because when you play Green Run or Nuketown, it says Northern Hemisphere). This could mean that a future map will be in Australia, Africa, South America, or maybe even Antarctica. And as for the EE, I believe there is more. There are signs (such as the glowing orbs) that hint us to more of the EE. Many of theories out there are really crazy and/or complicated. Ever since Shangri La, people have been coming up with some out-there ideas. Maybe the answer is simpler than we think. I don't know what the answer is, but I feel we are getting close.
  3. What happened to the swirly lights around the street light and mystery box? I haven't seen people discussing about what these could be. I've been thinking that they have to do something, because I remember back when those videos about activating the lights on the pylon by doing certain things was a big thing. I have a theory that we have to some how get these swirly lights to the pylon in order to do something. Despite what some people say about the achievement being the end of the EE, it can't be. I've said this numerous times before, the EE has been the story behind the maps, so the story of Green Run has to end at one point. Or else the story for the next map (or the rest of the zombies story line) is going to get confusing.
  4. I'm not going to guess what the next map will be. I'll just wait for the announcement of what it is. I'd like to be surprised! Plus, when you're loading any of the maps, it says Northern Hemisphere, so they're planning for some maps to go below the equator (e.g Australia, South America, Africa, and maybe even Antarctica). I'm just going to wait, but you guys can feel free to guess!
  5. He tells you that regardless of when you decide to build the turbine. But there are other theories out there about taking less steps to complete the EE.
  6. You can't even have 4 ray guns (there's only like 2 in the box) so yeah this is pretty much done. Next troll thread, please.
  7. I'm starting to see this as the Laundromat door again. The clock theory doesn't SEEM possible (but I can be wrong). Why aren't we trying things like finding ways to light up the pylon? What happened to that? What about the glowing street lamp and Mystery Box? This EE has to end at one point, right? Or else the zombies story line will get super confusing! What I mean is, the easter egg has to end with one conclusion, not 2. It's like a book. There's a climax, a major event that happens, and I think turning on the pylon was only the beginning. Just a thought. :|
  8. Could the sun also have anything to do with this? It rises in the east and sets in the west. If we look at it, we can probably determine which was is truly north.
  9. The 3k is for Nuketown debris and doors. The Navcard thing is still being solved. Look around the forums, there's many posts on it.
  10. Imevil23


    This EE is tearing this forum apart. When I first joined, things were nice. Now we have people pointing fingers, accusing people of trolling. I'll admit, this guy is a HUGE troll from how he contradicts himself all the time. Can we please stop fighting, ignore this guy for all the problems he's caused, and just go back to what this forum once was. And let's stop being mean to newer people who want to be a part of this community. Who knows, they may have a great idea.
  11. You guys are close. Look for the train station and your quest is over. - SUV Lol jk, we may be over thinking this thing a bit. Just do what Maxis says, like we've done before. Just have one person at the depot or town, one at the diner, (both with turbines) and then just try each lamp post with another person just to see what happens. It's worth a shot. Trying to do this in solo isn't gonna work, because the ToB requires more than 1 person. Wouldn't make sense to try things with more than one person? The clock thing seems plausible, but also experiment too. Even though I can't have a say in this (because I have never done the EE, only got as far as completing the Jet Gun), but it's just a suggestion.
  12. Yeah, but why have the map selection screen be a whole earth? Plus the fact that it also says Northern Hemisphere could indicate a map in South America or Africa? Australia? An island? Who knows, I could be wrong, but adding on to Green Run in my opinion seems very unlikely.
  13. Yeah, I was about to say. It was weird how this also happened even though all 4 of my guys were at the Power Station. The bus was at the depot when this happened.
  14. I know how to get under the map and into that side of the bus station. I'll see what or who this man is. This is news to me!
  15. The slashes next to the rank represents how many days in a row you have played. I made sure to take note of this. Yesterday when I got on, I was at three. Then after a match, I had 4. If I play today, I'll got the fifth tally mark. This probably goes with that one tweet by a dev who said something about "Determination" (I honestly forgot the word he used).
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