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  1. i hope someone can confirm if its possible on 2 players if i have time i'll try it in 2 hours ... i hope it works nothing in the steps require 4 players so what i have lets try :roll:
  2. so according to Boarder1993 here what i got first you need the thunder-fist fill up all 4 chests One behind jugg and another in Stamin' Up area and one on the way to the church and the last chest when you go to Jugg from mp40 near PaP and all players will get it by going to chest in spawn or Generator 6 in the church. Step 1 : build the staffs and upgrade them.{Check the 1st page}then put them in the Robots. Ice Staff in Freya{Church Area}, Wind Staff in Odin{Middle One} and Lightning Staff in Thor{Spawn/Speed-cola Area}. Step 2 : insert the Fire Staff in the new slot at the bottom of the Excavation Site. Step 3 : Have at least one person grab the tablet (its in Generator 2 Tank station on a table near the exit door)and take it to the Holy Water in the Church. Step 4 : Punch zombies there to fill it up. After it is filled, grab it and take the tank back to where you got it.( DON'T STEP ON THE MUD !!!! ) Step 5 : After you get there successfully put it back where you got it and punch zombies again, and power up should pop up which are the airstrike grenades. Step 6 : After you get them have one person go into the Giant Robot (try the middle one, not sure if it matters). It should say Fire Sequence Linked. Step 7 : Upon hearing that tell the person that has the airstrike grenades to throw them at the Seal by Stamin' Up where a crashed plane is. Step 8 : You then grab Maxis and have him go inside. After you do that the Claw things will come out. 2 per person in the game (we got 8). Step 9 : Kill them and then she tells you to find the spirit in the sky. Step 10: You have to get a Zombie Blood and shoot down the plane with the glow in the sky, After you do that there will be a zombie running around clockwise (Red Baron) Kill him and pick up Maxis Step 11: Then Samantha will say something Iron. You want every person in your group to punch zombies at the bottom of the Excavation Site (staff location) and get their elemental upgrade. Step 12: After you do that go to the Crazy World and kill zombies in the middle, Once you kill enough your achievement would pop and a portal would appear. i'll try with 2 player me and my friend to check if this could be done in 2 players mode
  3. man we stuck at mud numbers step every time we listen to the radio but its saying the number over and over ! and we done the numbers step we checked again and again i think we the game glitched at this step
  4. So here is the video _M4KlZe24kA got it by theater mode .
  5. in the jungel 00:34 pic : you can see the light of the perk its green
  6. its juggernog and check out viewtopic.php?f=69&t=12886
  7. could it be ? //case "zombie_airstrike": // array_thread( get_players(), ::zombie_devgui_give_ability, cmd ); // break; // //case "zombie_artillery": // array_thread( get_players(), ::zombie_devgui_give_ability, cmd ); // break; // //case "zombie_napalm": // array_thread( get_players(), ::zombie_devgui_give_ability, cmd ); // break; // //case "zombie_helicopter": // array_thread( get_players(), ::zombie_devgui_give_ability, cmd ); // break; // //case "zombie_turret": // array_thread( get_players(), ::zombie_devgui_give_ability, cmd ); // break; // //case "zombie_portal": // array_thread( get_players(), ::zombie_devgui_give_ability, cmd ); // break; // //case "zombie_dogs": // array_thread( get_players(), ::zombie_devgui_give_ability, cmd ); // break; //case "zombie_endurance": // array_thread( get_players(), ::zombie_devgui_give_ability, cmd ); // break;
  8. MPUI this for multiplayer those is for zombies ... extrected from the game dvars zombie_mountain -> DLC2 ! zombie_bloodbath_cairo -> FREE MAP ? DLC3 ? DLC4 ? OR REMOVED MAP ? zombie_thunt_cairo -> FREE MAP ? DLC3 ? DLC4 ? OR REMOVED MAP ? zombie_cosmodrom -> DLC1 !
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGGDU7YZwz0 Sooo ... ? or there is other song .. in the Gameplay :/
  10. naah i don't think so .. as b4 treyarch release first strike .. i was have the gsc dev files for the zombies .. see this more info for you guys i was keep this when DLC3 announced but http://pastie.org/private/wiqcvspirpxqttr18e0cma New FOR DLC3 : shrink ray DLC2 : Blow Gun How about that power up ! monkey_swarm don't forget keep my name when copying or use this info :p
  11. how about this guys ? http://pastie.org/private/3dnu9gbll8upbgegdpu9uq specialty_threeprimaries = the new perk !
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