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  1. Got my wisdom teeth pulled today. Not being able to eat solid food really sucks. It's not even the pain. Also, got myself Bloodborne as a getting my wisdom teeth pulled reward.

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    2. ZombieOfTheDead


      It took me forever just to get past that first giant group of huntsman, and when I finally found the shortcut past them I was so relieved. May not have been a boss, but damn felt like it with the amount of times I had to repeat that part.

      The two actual bosses I've fought have been pretty cool, though. Cleric Beast got me good a couple of times.

    3. Boom115


      Man how are you even playing a game on the meds they give you for wisdom teeth?

    4. ZombieOfTheDead


      I'm not even using meds, lol. I barely feel the pain. Still can't eat solid food despite that, gets caught in the holes where the teeth once were.

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