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  1. College math... why is it so difficult? I'm only in Calc 1, and as a Math major I fear what's next.

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    2. MegaAfroMan


      but yeah, I'd focus a major. BS in broad things is usually poor.

      BS ins anything along the science track is also poor.

      You can't really get research or teaching jobs without at least an MS.

    3. ZombieOfTheDead


      I think at my school, they make you take all the math classes (calc 1-3ish) in an Actuarial Science major. The Major is also competative, so I pretty much blew my chances of that with this last test. Most likely I will switch to accounting at some point. Thanks for making me feel better about being terrible at some of these things early on, by the way.

    4. MegaAfroMan


      Just don't worry about it.

      Math is a procedural skill, not a recollection based skill set.

      It takes time, and practice. If the way your professors describe something doesn't give you a "oh, okay." moment, then you need to find a friend, tutor, or intelligent hobo who can explain it in ways that it does.

      I did awful in Pre-Calc and prior. I'm not necessarily a typical case, but in Calc 1 and Calc 2, with a good professor, I was able to firmly grasp the main concepts, and at least temporarily grasp the specifics through out the semesters. I haven't yet gotten lower than an 85% on an exam for a math class in College.

      The way you learn it, becomes the most important.

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