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    How to download DLC4?

    So if you have the 4 classic maps already bought how will you be able to download the DLC4 for free.. Where abouts will you do it or how..
  2. Just got it For some reason it was the Napalm Zombie... even though I shrunk it tons of time's...
  3. I got the 31-79 JBG215 in Solo and I shot EVERY type of zombie... the female one... the skrieker.. the napalm... the gas mask dude.... and the normal one.. also the monkey at the tower where the PaP is ... he was sitting NOT running.... and I didn't get it!? Is ther something I done wrong..
  4. Where is it! I literally cannot find it anywhere... I know where Stamin-Up S.Cola J.Nog and all others are but I cant find Double Tap :(
  5. I say it's fake seeing as Mountain Drew talks a whole load of crap everyday.... But we will find out..
  6. Maybe somebody got a picture of it from a video from a different site which was loading the video?
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vUXeQGKLIg New link for everybody to hear but watch quick! :)
  8. Meh... a TINY possibility... but highly unlikely.
  9. I hope for a mix as I do love the upgraded WWII guns But knowing TreyArch they'll stick with the usual guns..
  10. 100% legit Seeing as Treyarch have used that font for ages.. I don't think that they would 'randomly' choose the font.. btw people on modding forums (TTG) said that there is a few encrypted files the root. But that could be a lie idk.. Only a week to see anyway :)
  11. ? When I go on GKNova it still shows me the monkey....
  12. Gunna be some amount of Easter Eggs in Zoo I must say now "30 Killstreak 'Attack Lions'' XD
  13. If ye really want to find out everything about this code. Script writers can tell you all that in 10 minutes..
  14. Even though ye had no ammo. Still it would be fun trying to survive Round 25 with no ammo. :P
  15. I hate them buggers, I do hope that they introduce a new zombie .
  16. Instead of everyone saying that the start-up will be like Ascension... you should think that MAYBE all four of them teleport to the docks.. in the darkness and they see the lighthouse which is the power and once you turn on the power the place brightens up and all street-lights will light up the ground. btw. I'm new :P

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