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  1. that happend to me and my cousin the first time i played shangri la we made a baby crawler zombie and i punted it across the lil maze thing and all of sudden we were both getting hit by invisible baby zombies we knew it was babys because of the quotes
  2. this is extreamly odd and cant remember how it happend. but here's what did happen. me and a friend were playing. just 2 of us and we were on round 28ish. so me and him made a crawler and ran back to PaP to PaP are guns. i ended up lagging out of the game. somehow and then i went to the der riese loading screen, and got back in the game. this is were things ovbiously got weird i did the single player death animation got back up and spawned at the PaP. after that me and my friend both lagged out. we got back in the game on round 1. with all our guns and points. after that everything was normal. we then played through the game as if nothing happend till round 31 when the zombies stoped spawning. so we just used the teleporter over and over again. till we got a nuke and fixed the problem MohawkLogan 8-)
  3. im happy its back up but theres no one on which is kinda lame
  4. im not sure why this is happening to you im unlucky and have vista and it worked fine for me also @carbonfibah it would be better if you put this on the home or something that way people can see it im in now and theres no one around my own little bit to say i somehow feel responsible for this i posted about a week or 2 ago about my reasons for chat being up and now its up makes me feel happy
  5. lately i havent been able to play nuketown (most likely because im on ps3 stupid treyarch) it says "an error has occurd could not find nuketown map shortcut" i dont know why this occurs i can play every other map but this one i wonder if anyone can help me get around this later i will delete my patch updates and stuff then reinstall all of the map packs and updates if that doesnt work i guess im going to have to contact treyarch if anyone has any info on this please let me know
  6. dude you should make this into a book once your done wrighting every thing find a publishing company and send that epicness in i think you can do it i will have already read it but i will buy it for other people to see and if i want to re-read it
  7. come on dude im waiting for the next epic instalment
  8. just wanted to comment so i can read more of it keep up to date
  9. Holly balls exactly 100 more ROFL you have 711 that a very famous convince store where i live
  10. woah, that is stupid, seriously they did that? I'm glad thats stopped in black ops. [brains] whats with you can bring up all this old stuff everywhere i look i see shoreyo like wtf? and you already talked about that
  11. lol quit boosting your posts cheater
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