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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. Are we able to go back and do the die rise Easter egg on maxis side again to fix it?
  2. Hi, Myself and three of my friends have completed all the Easter eggs and have all of our navcards accepted, but the box won't open. Do you HAVE to do all maxis or all richtofen? We did maxis on tranzit and buried and richtofen on die rise. All the lights are lit also. Thanks
  3. I was thinking the face was the warden. He seems to have a presence still lingering there too!
  4. Your supposed to PUSH each button after you hack them?!? Then that's the step we missed. Thanks for your help! I'll give you brains
  5. So me and two of my friends were trying to do the easter egg. We followed each step until we were moving the egg around. When we finally got it to the circular thing at the base of the pyramid, it just sat there. It looked like it was stuck to it, off-center to the right of the circular thing. Did we do something wrong? Or did it just glitch out? I know there was supposed to be a tube that rose out after it got there, but nothing happened. We tried shooting, knifing, bowie knifing, grenades, QED, wave and zappers, and the ray gun on it but nothing happened. :cry:
  6. Mrdeadman


    Is there a decent WRITTEN walkthrough for the easter egg? I started watching the NGT vids but they do so much shit that Im not sure its necessary. For example, he is CONSTANTLY hitting the gongs. When the hell am I supposed to do that?
  7. Thanks! All these videos popping up are great, but I was just playing with my buddy and hopped on the forum via my phone. It is SOOO much easier just to read what to do. [brains]
  8. dont you have the option to turn off offensive content BEFORE playing???
  9. I heard him say something a little strange. He said, "Ill take you to the ending room" I dont know if that just means he wants to kill you or if he can in fact lead us to a room! thoughts?
  10. there is one by stamin up under the half closed garage door thing. there is also one up by the deadshot perk, instead of turning right, turn left and go straight. its on the floor
  11. Couple more. There is a radio in the room with Stamin-up. look under the half closed door. There is a radio up by deadshot daquari, instead of turning right to the perk, turn left and go straight. Another radio is if you open all the way down the lighthouse and open to the side of the lighthouse, walk out into the water and you see one out there. Another little secret, in the room where you turn on the power, there is a little knob that you can turn. (I think it may have to do with moving the pack a punch)
  12. Here's a little secret I found that people may not have noticed yet. If your standing next to the door containing the original characters, there seems to be something like a map on the wall. Activate it and it stops making noise. Also, there are circular metal things scattered around the map. If you activate them they make a deep, metallic sound. Obviously something to do with releasing the original crew!
  13. I got mine off the store in the game. I live in mountain time, usa.
  14. I too pre-ordered it from Gamestop. I've never pre-ordered dlc before. All I can say is that if it is available on the marketplace before I get my code, ill buy it there and sell my code! Im not a very patient person. BTW NICE AVATAR! ^^^
  15. Im going to let him live for a couple of reasons. 1. He's George F***in' Romero 2. He smashes the ground with his stage lighting, I think that we need to have him hit somewhere the ground falls away, like on discovery!
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