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  1. i knew the knocking, but the monkey and stuff...never noticed it, very interesting
  2. ..No Did i ask you it? Do you think that You're funny? Well You're not Well, technically, you didnt ask ANYONE specific, you said, if someone has a ps3 add me: broli95, and i responded with a No... So to answer your 1st question, no you did not ask me, and for your second question, i dont think im funny, i merely said No to a ps3 game of zombies, thank you
  3. I'm still trying to figure ou the damn story for this map:/ like I have no idea how this map relates to the story...any ideas?
  4. Well... I still can't believe it's not butter!
  5. What i dont understand is, Der Riese had a EE (Flytrap), and Ascension had mysteryman EE. Why wouldnt Kino have something similar? Sure there are small, and i do mean small EE, but nothing big liuke Mysteryman or 4 heroes trapped. Perhaps theres is def. something we havent discovered. Has anyone looked thru the coding of Kino?
  6. I gt the DG-2 with my cousin bt i was playin solo while he was doin other shit, & it lasts 4ever until u use all the ammo, u cnt pack-a-punch, bt idk if u get more ammo thru Max or not
  7. Well im a noob on this forum...my bad
  8. UR3AwF9J-iI Im notsure if this has been posted, hopefully not, and if it has then please someone remove, but this seems to be legit, not like the other post witha modded xbox thanks and if its ben posted ill be more then happy to remove, but i couldnt find one, video is not by me of course :)
  9. I Wonder if the Co-Op reward is different
  10. Quit bitching. It's an M RATED GAME. Don't like what it says? Don't play. Plain and simple.
  11. POV...lol I'm sorry too familiarized with pornhub categories .. Anyway yeah I believe it's richtofens pov
  12. takeo is in there, he is the you hear one throwing up
  13. im guessing hes got a much more important role than just "killing" him, Two reaosns, one Zalinski or w.e mentioned that in the gameplay trailer, something about doing something or watching george, another idea, what if hes in trouble himself, what if he got possesed and he cant control the fact hes trying to kill you, and the second idea, why the hell is he seen on round one? If hes not important, hed have a round by himself, like fucking monkeys or hounds, no this guy is at the beginning....I have a strong feeling we have to do something to him other than kill him...Im betting my ballsacks on it :twisted:
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