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    What happened to Quarantine?

    ..No Did i ask you it? Do you think that You're funny? Well You're not Well, technically, you didnt ask ANYONE specific, you said, if someone has a ps3 add me: broli95, and i responded with a No... So to answer your 1st question, no you did not ask me, and for your second question, i dont think im funny, i merely said No to a ps3 game of zombies, thank you
  2. CharlieSheen

    What happened to Quarantine?

  3. CharlieSheen

    Is there any more secrets in Kino i think i found everything

    What i dont understand is, Der Riese had a EE (Flytrap), and Ascension had mysteryman EE. Why wouldnt Kino have something similar? Sure there are small, and i do mean small EE, but nothing big liuke Mysteryman or 4 heroes trapped. Perhaps theres is def. something we havent discovered. Has anyone looked thru the coding of Kino?
  4. CharlieSheen

    Treyarch killed off nazi zombies

    Honestly, although i LOOOOVE the 4 original characters, having this is not to bad, as a matter of a fact, it looks alot more fun to play than Ascension. I love the idea of George Romero being in it, and we get new things like weapons and perks. Honestly i must say this will be possibly one of my most favorite maps. Its got DANNY FUCCKING TREJO! We got a female character, the other dude, AND ROBERT ENGLUND. Anyone who doesnt at least give this map a chance...Smh... I cant wait to play this map, looking foward to it...Who agrees?
  5. CharlieSheen

    BlackOps - MapPack2 - ESCALATION - Details 05.April

    IMO it's real but, if it's Photoshop I want that person to Photoshop my facebook pictures no joke lol but I think it's real bc as someone above stated these were removed hella fast. Remember findmakorov? Not "fake" but rather someones concept of a mw1 & 2 movie...remember leaked vids of kino der toten nd five on utube? Those were taken down quick. This ad was removed the same day...real to me

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