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  1. I would love to destroy a huge rape-train of JD_2020's :D
  2. Oh ok i see, we"ll i'm not exactly sure. That is my best guess :)
  3. I'm astonished that you heard it, but if you play with any more than 1 player on Five, you can look at the others characters feet when in the elevator and see that they tap their foot in anticipation. So that might be what you heard, your charcter tapping their foot.
  4. But what I said also only makes sense. Treayrch made a confusing picture, but I'm pretty positive it won't be called "Survive." Yeah i can't disagree with you. I suppose only time will tell :)
  5. Yeah but why would everything else be consistant but that?? It only makes sense...
  6. The zombie map is called Survive people! All the multiplayer maps have small "lead-up" text to the map name, but the zombies map is just the opposite. Call of the dead is the description, not the name.
  7. You do realize that the zombie map is called "Survive" right? The big text is the map name, just like the 4 previous multiplayer ones above it.
  8. Yep i agree completely. There is like nothing too significant on Ascension
  9. I myself have seen that too, and my first thought was just "Lazy Treyarch devs recycling more objects" lol. But honestly i feel they just used it since Launch is in Russia and so is Ascension :)
  10. To me it just looks like they jazzed up the Soviet "Hammer and Sickle". Ascension is set in a Soviet Cosmodrome, so it definetly makes sense.
  11. As awesome as that sounds, which it really does. I doubt that you can because it is just a recycled board place around the map. I wouldn't knock you trying it out though. Im currently playing Battlefield and cannot.
  12. I agree, I want the guy in the chest to be explained and for some reason those people in the barrels on stage just dont sit right with me
  13. That is definetly looking like Area 51, but you know how Treyarch loves to throw curveballs at us :)
  14. I believe some of what you are talking about is covered here http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=62&t=7873
  15. I agree 100%!! I believe it seems to be a map of a city, and also it looks like a river running through it. I wasnt too keen about posting that, cause I didnt want to assume too much. But it definetly looks like a map to me :)
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