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  1. My question is why would Rictofen need the golden rod and stone/Meteorite what would he need it for?
  2. it would be nice if we still get to play as the guys from shi no numa though.
  3. actually its a glitch the bear is there but not if you are standing in the mainframe area you can only see it if you are standing in the M1 grand area.
  4. it actually works everywhere even in five.
  5. Well i was playing project nova out of boredom and when resnov and his friends are escaping i saw a grim reaper made from blood like the ones in kino and ascension if this has been found im sorry for the old news but if not this could be the new nazi zombie map.
  6. cant the people on the PC get it? just curious?
  7. i go with some of the Nazi zombie songs or something with a bit of awkwardness but still funny.
  8. we shot all the batteries that's one thing.
  9. I have an idea a portable turret. I don't have any info on it yet but it comes out of the box you drop it on the ground and that's it...
  10. seriously i thought that was only with the grim reaper and death machine that bullshit.
  11. or maybe these zombies are younger than most of the other ones there more fresh... how do you explain they can roll etc. then? anyway i don't think we need to watch to far into this. maybe it's just laziness of Treyarch those who can roll are wearing a gasmask, they probably just can't see well and trip on something zombies are blind they only follow the sound everyone makes. i thinks...
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