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  1. I think only one person in the party needs the achievements, not necessarily the host of the game.
  2. Well he did say 'nearly' every single map.
  3. Care to add that to the wiki page? QED device is such a pain though and pretty much makes the co-op egg the way to go if you want more than one perk.
  4. Lmfao, "vocal corals" All typos aside, I can't come up with an explanation for it and would have to agree with what you're saying.
  5. Majorrr benefit right there. Just last night my friend and I spent a good 45 min trying to end round 28 being completely out of ammo. He made several trips to the ak47u through the teleporter exit of the dome and then back again to kill my zombies. At one point we both decided to go get some ak ammo and almost ended bad. Definitely trying this tonight. Thanks for enlightening me to new methods!
  6. I believe the colors are randomized in this map and it doesn't matter what color he is if I'm the one always playing as him.
  7. This is kind of what I had in mind for a 3 person game. Two run in the dome while one runs the mule kick area. When I play with two people, I get the entire dome while the other gets mule kick. Your route is different from what I planned for 2 people though, and I think this is better. Good stuff!
  8. This happened to me and my friend the other night! I was spectating him run circles near mule kick area when he suddenly went prone but actually it was him getting downed. He had jugg and the horde was well behind him. Idk how the heck it happens but it is bull. It was like round 16 or so and we just laughed at it. Really sucks for you guys though as I feel the pain of robbed long hauls.
  9. Ahhhhhhhh. Well baste me in butter...I'm now going to have to get Shangri-La and do the eclipse egg. I could just find someone with the achievements, but I might as well get them myself since I don't have them (obviously lol) Thanks so much guys. [brains] will find their ways to all of you.
  10. It WILL show up anyways. i just did it today. you can do every easter egg in this map without the other ones. Yeah it show's up either way in Co-op but not solo or even split-screen. So all of you have finished the moon egg with no one in your group having the previous map easter eggs done? wtfff lol. Wow this map really hates me then. But thanks for the replies guys they really are helpful. [brains] for all of you...forgot I couldn't give em out so fast after the first though...but you will get them!
  11. Ok. I've been reading posts on several sites and checking comments on youtube videos and even the COD wiki page and still cannot find a clear answer. I don't know if the answer I'm looking for is here in the 'Moon' section because over half of the threads will not load for me. So I apologize in advance if this is a duplicate thread. So I plead to you now, CoDz community, to help me out. For the golden rod to appear in Richtofen's inventory on Moon... Are the Multiplayer achievements from Call of the Dead and Shangri-La required for all players? So far I've only tried the Moon easter egg with just myself and a friend, and I'm always host and Richtofen as well. I only have the solo achievement from CotD and he has none of the previous map 'egg' achievements. I've never spawned with the rod. I've read that people have managed to complete this egg to its full completion w/o any player having any of the previous achievements. I have no idea of how Richtofen spawns with the rod w/o them. On Friday the CoD wiki page on the grand scheme egg stated that neither previous map 'egg' achievements were needed to complete moon's yet as of today that is no longer on the page. I don't have Shangri-La, so I'm SOL if that achievement is required.
  12. Anybody have thoughts on the lower left hand corner of the comic book? Partially revealed pages are so intriguing...
  13. It goes to the next map is where it goes lol. Focusing stone+golden rod=crazy a55 shista.
  14. I don't see why the zombies still wouldn't go after you since you're not downed.
  15. Just another reason why George is the biggest b1tch in Zombies. Me and my friend killed him with the Hyena for the 2nd time in our game this night; this time he didn't drop anything where as the first time he dropped the 'usual' random perk bottle and death machine. Idk what the cause for this is. :x :evil:
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