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  1. Even with the teddy bear laughing?
  2. Soup my peeps?! So i was just playing "Five" on my Playstation3 and something really weird.. AND I MEAN REALLY WEIRD HAPPENED. On round 3 i think it was we were all being hurr's and durr's and dolphin diving everywhere. Then i think 2 of the four of us dived into a corner and thats when it happened.. First we were frozen for 2 seconds, then the 2 that dived into the corner got downed instantly and lastly the teddy bear's laugh happened. Thought?
  3. I'm so happy!! I actually killed him before he could take my weapons!! TAKE THAT!
  4. Just killed him today in a group, this is how... We camped in the lift on the first/second floor, ending each round on the top floor. When the alarms went off for the "Theif" we all went to the spawn room and in front of the teleporter leading to the 3rd floor there is a very long table. We all stood behind it and changed to bad guns. When there was 1 person left that 1 person would start doing laps around the table while the other 3 people sprayed him with bullets, eventually killing him. tl;dr do laps around stuff.
  5. Actually the first time he appeared for me i didn't touch the defcon switches, i just turned on the power. I think he wont come until the power come on because he needs to teleport away.
  6. Really? Because when i used the frost gun on him it did nothing ? And is it just me or does the Ray Gun 1 shot him?
  7. Hey guys, if you havn't played Pentagon Zombies and dont want some experience of it spoiled dont look below. Now if you have continued reading you might be aware that the replacement for a dog round in the map "Five" is the Weapon Stealing Professor. Just wondering IS THERE ANY POSSIBLE WAY TO KILL HIM BE FORE HE STEALS UR PHAT LEWTZ?!?! Or is there any possible stratergy to kite him or something?? And if you have killed him (i have once) what are his possible power-ups that he drops? All answers greatly appreciated. Cheers!!
  8. PSN ID: Ownzyou56. Feel free to hit me up for zombies :D
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