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  1. A guy from GTA? Ray Liotta was in Goodfellas!
  2. What if Treyarch put PHD Flopper in a jail cell that we cannot open?
  3. i was thinking.....supposedly on an article it said the trailer would be released on sunday. Sunday is also when the next eclipse will happen. The eclipse can be related to zombies. They planned this?
  4. In the trailer at 3:09, he throws a QED but in his tactical grenade it looks like gersh device. Maybe QED is a primary?, but the primary looks like a regular grenade. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ju3pVCals6Q
  5. its on the second posted link not the first one
  6. bobxd2

    Rezurrection Video

    /watch?v=GXk2D0fAJPQ if that doesnt work then http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXk2D0fA ... r_embedded
  7. The monkeys can give you a random perk bottle, ive gotten one from them
  8. Mine is Not enough Chingao
  9. no one hit the box, the barier to it wasnt even opened yet. only the first one to go onto the boat
  10. Well we were on round 2, we can see the box light to be in the room under the power room on the ship and all of a sudden, we heard the box laughter and then the BYE BYE!! Now the box is at stamin-up...WTF
  11. ^Where is this semtex pic i wanna see it =O
  12. WOOT!! Fixed for me now.
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