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  1. awesome theory, but that aside, its Wonder, not wounder. :D
  2. on a side note, the silverback does have a red aura, and the capuchins expel a red pulse when they die. hmm...
  3. i already stated they were primates if you bothered to read the entirety of my post good sir. and if you want to get into taxonomy, they are still separated by family genus and species. the main difference being that monkeys have tails and apes do not. that being said, its not unlikely the soviets used both apes and monkeys in thier space tests. and as a side note, apes and humans only branch at the level of Genus. btw, what the heck is a domain? kingdom is as general as it gets.
  4. throwing a gersch at the transformer merely activates the node easter egg. the first step is actually just activating the tv.
  5. um... the eagle has landed? lol
  6. the silverback is a gorilla, which is an ape. a rhesus is a monkey. monkeys and apes are completely different. that aside, they are both primates used in Soviet Union space tests. the relation is more like the silverback was an easter egg to the rhesus monkey rounds, as he came in between rounds of dead ops like dogs and now monkeys do.
  7. when he begins to rise, throw a gersch on him. thats what trapped him the first time.
  8. richtofen was Maxis' assistant and most likely knew Sam. he probably didnt like her bear very much, probably because she often replaced his working tools with the bear. but im just speculating.
  9. its wheel of fortune man. RSTLNE. so the question is... why AHIMUY?
  10. the breakout happened before round one cuz the barricades are jammed blast doors and tehres bulletholes and all kinds of ripped up broken stuff, missiles fallen over teh walls etc etc. blood everywhere
  11. so it goes: V1: I am Your Shadow. PC: I am good for you/ doing limited damage to you C: Miracle = Life V2: I am Nothing. B: You've accepted me. V3: Our consciousnesses are merging. the chorus in general states that "They" are imaginary. so... who is the speaker and who is the listener? it seems that the listener is each of the four players. the speaker? sam? Gersch?
  12. the howl is after u acquire deathmachines. u have to have them equipped to do the next step is what he's getting across.
  13. its clearly please in a russian accent, having a shortened p and the lease part is more like liss. so it sounds like pliss but its please.
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