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  1. The whole clan thing was cool at first, but unless your team or clan was good it got to a point where every single lobby you'd get merc'd left and right unless you had a good team. Like you almost couldn't ever play solo in my experience. But frankly I stopped playing right after Christmas once I discovered Mass Effect and other Role playing games for the first time, lol.
  2. Read Inception and stay tuned. That is all.

    1. Boom115


      Does the top keep spinning???

  3. lol Special K. Now apart of this complete and electrifying breakfast.
  4. You know what's some good shit? Grill some chicken, smother it in your favorite BBQ sauce while on the grill, then when it's done, slap some good 'ol mashed potatoes on that plate, mix the two together, enjoy.
  5. I have a medal dedicated to me though. But let's not forget who made it as well as most of the rest. Checkmate, biatch!
  6. My apologies, this old veteran head of mine tends to get things scrambled at times. But at least I don't lag out of games. Or suck.
  7. Ah... the old days.... Did I ever tell you guys some old war stories about my time as a CoDz moderator? About the one about the day I stormed the beaches of Normandy with my fellow troops and we planted the flag? A glorious day. I supported them well as we... they raised that flag up high.
  8. Good citizens of CoDz, I would like to officially begin my campaign for this month; *hands out complementary muffins*
  9. *starts UWHNWB contest* (Users Who Have Never Won Before)

    1. Slade


      According to Boom I've never "won" uotm either. Even though I did! So now I'm in that awkward position of having 2 groups of totally different friends who I never tell about each other. #insecure

    2. Boom115


      I miss zombiegk, now that was a member.

    3. Slade


      R.I.P BoomByeYeah88, torn apart by the loss of SadLittleSamantha.

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  10. lol I noticed the perks first thing. It's like customary for any Zombies fan to have SOME perks. I stopped making them and ran out of room anyways after Mule Kick. Made mine out of Jones sodas, printed out the labels then just slapped packaging tape right over it to "laminate" them.
  11. Is it just me? Or are the ads getting more and more annoying?

    1. Boom115


      Probably seems bias because all the mods are saying just you, but just you.

    2. PINNAZ


      "This Status Update is brought to you by Undad - The Ghosts are Real"

    3. Undead
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  12. So I take it our lag out counter is accurate?
  13. The ghosts are real. And so are these scars.

    1. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      Call of duty ghosts…

      Call of duty ghost busters?

  14. Be sure to close TABS on Inception...

  15. Someone play zombies with me tonight dammit.

    1. Naitrax


      I could play but you probably don't want me :cry:

    2. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      I'd play but XBL-gold ran out…

    3. DeathBringerZen


      Add me GT: DeathBringerZen. Always happy to play Z's with anyone. :)

  16. It's been far too long since I've butchered some zombies with you folks, hit me up next time you see me on. (Preferably Classics/BO1 maps, but whatever works)

    1. Undead


      Let's play zombies fuckers. I'm actually on this time :P

  17. Okay, now that's just creepy. Apparently these ads also know what I had for dinner last night given I just saw one for Dominos pan pizza. ._.
  18. These ads need to just stop spying on my history. First Mass Effect product ads. Now it's giving me links for designing custom apparel, which happens to be the the latest idea for a job I was looking at. Why must you mock me?!
  19. Black and Hail To The King are so similar it's not funny. Enter Sandman and Shepard of Fire for example. I believe A7X were heavily inspired by Metallica. Given Shadows is sporting a Metallica shirt in one of the latest photos for the album, it's a pretty safe assumption. Granted, it was a smart move though. Besides some obvious similarities between some of the Black album and Hail To The King, I believe the band admitted they went more with a Metallica formula: That being simplicity yet catchy songs. I'm not an A7X fan, I like a few of there songs here and there, but Hail to the King is one album I can listen to start to finish without feeling bored.
  20. Apparently the secret to winning UOTM is trying as hard as possible NOT to. Huh... Perhaps I should start campaigning for an "Oldest Non-UOTM Member" goal...
  21. Speaking of music, 'errybody go support my new band! https://www.facebook.com/IntoTheRiverband?ref=hl&ref_type=bookmark
  22. Oh hey, looks like Boom didn't destroy CoDz after all with his new promotion. Too bad, I would've got a... BANG out of that irony. yeeeeeeaaaaaah! P.S. I played zombies yesterday in the first time in... *counts fingers* *counts toes*
  23. Meanwhile, I save my pennies for all the uber deals going on for the previous gen instead of having to basically buy everything all over again.

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