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  1. mmm... gloves. I drew Misty because of her nice, firm pair of gloves.
  2. Oh look, it's almost that time of the month again.... *cough* Oh whoops! How that get there? My bad. Carry on.
  3. *ahem* Undad sees and knows all Perhaps sooner than expected.
  4. *que epic Skyrim theme* http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2014/287/0/7/shadows_perserve_us____by_xwolfie212x-d82sxbg.jpg
  5. Holy shit this thread got pinned? Better add more to it then. Meanwhile, I'd like to advertise a little CoDz special to (hopefully) get some spare change coming in: Fan Art Commission Prices for CoDz users (USD): Head (Line Art ONLY) . . . . . $1.00 Head (Colored) . . . . . $2.00 Full Body (Line Art ONLY) . . . . . $2.00 Full Body (Colored) . . . . . $3.50 How it works: Choose your character! Got someone you'd like to have drawn up just for you? Papa Undad will help you out. PM Undad the request/order you'd like to have done with at LEAST 2 reference photos ready. Using Paypal, go to the "Send/Request" money section and send your payment to Undad's email account (will be provided via PM order).* Await updates and final piece on your requested fan art Enjoy. * - I will begin as soon as I have confirmed payment and will take things at my own pace. I can guarantee best effort will be made into each piece.
  6. I just want Elder Scrolls 6.

    1. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      Can't wait to never hear the end of that game until 2020…..

    2. JakeDuck


      pls give now bethesda

    3. Chopper


      Not if it's MMO....

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  7. lol so I was thinking how funny it would have been if there were a **** please report this topic, post **** zombies map and the entire forum for it would nothing but banned words.
  8. Ah, and we've officially gone in a full circle yet again. No matter how random this thread is, it always comes back to chicken.
  9. Can I just say drawing Nightingale armor is tedious as hell.
  10. Everybody is out chilling with their significant other and I'm over here like
  11. Yeah, and the actual censor for that certain word sticks out worse than MMX's self-censoring posts...
  12. Went for gold on my Balista sniper. Now I quickscope like a pro again. Ahh, the memories.

  13. Or alternatively, My zombies record is lasting 68 rounds, how about we reach for 69?
  14. I know this game is the latest hype. Frankly I haven't followed anything Halo, Bungie or anything related in a while. How is it so far?
  15. I actually haven't played Dragon Age yet to compare the two. It's on my list though. The best I can compare Mass Effect to is the combat play style of Gears of War (Particularly in ME 3 with the whole rolling, from cover to cover ability as such and 3rd person/over the shoulder perspective.) Other than that, it's basically a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic with guns the whole time. (Gunning around with two followers who have abilities, you bring up a power wheel when targeting various enemies and they kill them etc.) The story is by far one of the best I've played. Add a little romance in there as well, which also each have their own story depending on the character you pursue one with, and it's like the cherry on top. Most, if not all your decisions carry weight throughout the series.
  16. You guys are missing out. That is all. your not alone. never played them, although one time i saw some nerds and girls do cosplay of them :/
  17. Haha thanks. Lots of booths and cosplayers got a good laugh each time I was like "I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite cosplay/booth on the Citadel"
  18. Thanks to their ads, I always wanna hamburger instead.
  19. You could glitch out of almost every map in THUG with moon gravity. Just mash against a wall and jump repeatedly.
  20. Wanna make CoDz a better place? http://i.imgur.com/J5g7CCG.jpg

    1. Lenne


      If I could share my UotM cookie with you I would do that... except for Jay cause he is evil. :P

    2. Mr. Jay

      Mr. Jay

      If you look up Evil in your thesaurus, my nude photo will show up.

    3. Undead


      True story. Phantom even campaigned with me last month.

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  21. "Hey, I just met you and this is CRAAAAZY, but I'm the doctor, this maps easy!"
  22. If speedo successfully picks up a woman with any of those, I am in his debt. "Girl, I'd ride you to the moon and back BOOM! too late"

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