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  1. Maybe that page behind it is a map of the next zombies map, like how the WAW maps all hap their maps layed out for the loading screen (except nacht)
  2. Maybe there are two Richtofens and the second one is the blank picture on Kino?
  3. Sorry if it has been noticed, but I was playing on Ascension with a few friends and my friend called me over to see something. When I got there, he told me to look at a dead zombie's eyes. When I looked, I noticed he had normal human eyes, rather then the yellow from when they're alive or the plain white from when they die on Kino. After this, I looked around and noticed that ALL the zombies had these human eyes once killed. Again, sorry if this has been posted already, and I didn't take a picture, but it's really not something thats hard to see. PS. I did use the search bar, but didn't find anything.
  4. Same thing happened to me, not sure what it is
  5. He said he played on his cousins xbox...
  6. It's the same as usual, if they have 1 leg they live until you kill them. If they have no legs, they eventually die on their own.
  7. When I was playing, I saw a chalk outline of the PAP on the wall with an arrow pointing to the right, so I followed it, and it led me to a huge door I couldn't open. I think that if you activate all 3 lunar landing spots it will open
  8. "less opportunity for cheating" I sure hope so :shock:
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