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    ZCODL Symbol in Trailer

    NO... It proves you wrong. Lemme quote some some logos as if this were true. 1. "Time Better Next Luck" -Originally "Better luck next time" 2. "United Four Associations Wheel Drive" -Originally "United Four Wheel Drive Associations" 3. "Task Graffiti Force Area Denver Metro" -Originally "Metro Area Graffiti Task Force Denver" 4. (My fav) "Students the where meet they we are and us go take where they" -Originally "We meet the students where they are and go where they take us" This proves you wrong. I know my chiz, bro. I am gonna laugh at you guys so hard when it turns out me and Yellow-Card8 I think it was are right, and all of you are wrong. And its probably not even something like "Zombies Call of Duty L-Something" Its probably like "Zealous Creatures Originally Detained Lars". So I am going to PM every Moderator, carbon, and Covert Gunman. I want this thread gone, because you guys are really dumb and are dragging on an already-solved problem. I am right, you are wrong. It is as simple as that. So unless you bring Jimmy Zielinsky in on video saying that it is otherwise, then I am right. Go ahead and ask people that make these kinds of logos. They will say, "It reads left-to-right, just like normal English. Ain't no Chinese top-to-bottom chiz happenin' here in THIS America." /winning rant this is why forum bans exist. Flaming. Reporting Cheezy.
  2. Supercohboy

    ZCODL Symbol in Trailer

    co-sign this... plus why get all excited about if they're gonna do a zombies movie or not anyway.. 95% of all video game movies are terrible and after being a huge Resident Evil fan and seeing them destroy that videogame storyline with the movies they made was just sad I stopped watching the RE movies after they spend ten minuets in the mansion and the rest of the film below in the facility or "Hive". They butchered those movies... It doesn't even make sense anymore. If they did make a CODZ movie I'd be happy because I'm sure they'd baby it and make sure it had all sorts of cool details and answer things. Though, turning a survival mode in a game into a full-feature movie... That would ruin it. People would hate it because they'd be forced to change things, there would be no way they'd make a three hour movie about four guys locked in a room. But they did make a movie like that...and it was great, and the first zombie movie ever. Night of the Living Dead (or at least the 1st popular one). The black and white one, that is.
  3. Supercohboy

    ZCODL Symbol in Trailer

    So saying its CoD Zombies Live, one could assume a live action movie. Now to all the apparant haters on this topic () who havent seen the pics of the MOVIE QUALITY nova zombie being sneaked into the trailer, you should go back and watch the trailer again. As soon as it shows the logo, theres about a quarter-second clips of a live-action version of the nova zombie. Theres I think only two of these quarter-second clips. Its INTANGABLE PROOF, however that they are at least making a short video of what zombies (the mode) would like like in real life. Now, at any rate. MY theories onto this (to teh modz, im sorry if theres already a "moon" theories thread...:C Ill edit and move this over to it if there is one.). I think that because in the background of these extremely short clips one can see filing cabinets (possibly from Der Reise or elsewhere) and what looks like a collar (made from thick leather like in restraining chairs) on the Nova Gas Zombie, one could assume this video or movie will show the experimentation that resulted in the zombies. Or maybe how they broke loose. I will further provide possible evidence to backup this theory in the fact of, in the second split-second clip, theres some kind of (what looks to me) leather restraints in the background. So, will we finally see the origins of zombies? Will we see some cool video of sorts? Will there even be a video? Guess we will have to wait and see. P.S. if people want to see these live-action zombie screenshots from the video, its here EDIT: Also, to those saying you cant read a freaking logo in a different way than is what is grammatically correct (left to right)....wtf. Ive seen dozens, possible even hundreds of logos made with initials in them, that are supposed to be read in funny ways. The logo being read top left-right, bottom left-right ive seen before in a few different logos...so its not impossible as some of you guys seem to act. Besides, your basically trolling here and stomping on someones theories whenever you say such things. Just like in art, theorists have complete freedom over analyzing and even bending evidence to come up with something. No offense to the community, but some things such as the idea of a moon base (which you all were right after, you crazy nuts ) were created through essentially making up crazy crap. Like how when you launch the shuttle on Ascension, the players secretly get on there....even tho yr supposed to shoot the ship. It doesnt matter tho really, I thought the theory was pretty cool. And once again, I dont want to troll on someone's idea at any rate. Hence why I kept such thoughts to myself up until now...

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