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    Moon Possibility

    Pretty sure that was cheeze....nonetheless.
  2. Okay, so Im going to lay some seriously crazy and conspiracy-laden stuff on you guys in this post. Get ready XD So, I watch Ancient Aliens, and its got all these crazy people on there that are connecting practically unconnected things together to form theories that Aliens came to Earth during ancient human times (or that we are their...products. or even experiments.) and visited/helped us. WARNING INFO NOT TO WITH ZOMBIES: The main recurring theme in their theories though is how all the ancient religions and writings (whether the writings are religious or not) seem to talk about aliens sometimes. In all these religions, they talk of gods who, most the time, come from the sky or the stars and give us gifts blah blah we worship them. But the main thing is all the gods have similar appearance and abilities, and they came from the sky. At any rate, the part of my theory that fits into this has to do with the Egyptians I believe, its either the Egyptians or one of the ancient South American/Central American cultures. They used to have this one ritual where, when a baby is born, they put clamps on their head that squeeze it. Over time, the baby's head grows in an elongated shape, which he's stuck with for the rest of his life. The whole reason as to why they do this is to look like their gods...and its like, wtf? Their gods have ET-ish elongated heads? Well what this connects to is that their skulls look kind of like a less extreme necromorph skull (its way less long though, but its similar jsut to give u an idea of what it looks like). And what does this look like? The alien-ish skulls in Shangri-La. They look extremely similar to the skulls that were made by these poor humans, whos heads had been clamped from either side. So thats why I think some of the skulls in Shangri-La look like that. Now, continuing on to the ZCODL emblem. It might look alien (with human teeth that are completely different to the SOG symbol, mind you) because its an alien face. I doubt it personally, but I noticed a possible connection. The main thing I wanted to say is possibly why the Shangri-La skulls look like that. Its still connected to the new trailer tho, hence why I put it in the Moon section of the forum. And that's how ancient alien theories are connected to the new trailer XD And this is how most of my conversations go...starting at one thing and having it somehow connect to another thing. Like puppies and napalm. PS. If there are typos or something doesnt connect because of grammatical error (forgot to put a word in, etc.) I will be fixing that later. Right now, my eyes feel tired...and so does my brain....so....
  3. Supercohboy

    Wave Gun PaPed?

    I think its definitely dual-weldable/a separable gun because in the concept art you clearly see 2 triggers. Unless this thing has one trigger for the safety and the other for the firing pin, I think its a D-pad selection. Also, anyone else noticed that safeties dont even exist on most CoD guns? Unless its and M4-M15 or AK you dont see them.
  4. NO... It proves you wrong. Lemme quote some some logos as if this were true. 1. "Time Better Next Luck" -Originally "Better luck next time" 2. "United Four Associations Wheel Drive" -Originally "United Four Wheel Drive Associations" 3. "Task Graffiti Force Area Denver Metro" -Originally "Metro Area Graffiti Task Force Denver" 4. (My fav) "Students the where meet they we are and us go take where they" -Originally "We meet the students where they are and go where they take us" This proves you wrong. I know my chiz, bro. I am gonna laugh at you guys so hard when it turns out me and Yellow-Card8 I think it was are right, and all of you are wrong. And its probably not even something like "Zombies Call of Duty L-Something" Its probably like "Zealous Creatures Originally Detained Lars". So I am going to PM every Moderator, carbon, and Covert Gunman. I want this thread gone, because you guys are really dumb and are dragging on an already-solved problem. I am right, you are wrong. It is as simple as that. So unless you bring Jimmy Zielinsky in on video saying that it is otherwise, then I am right. Go ahead and ask people that make these kinds of logos. They will say, "It reads left-to-right, just like normal English. Ain't no Chinese top-to-bottom chiz happenin' here in THIS America." /winning rant this is why forum bans exist. Flaming. Reporting Cheezy.
  5. SO basically, your saying you buy this perk, then you can get the 4 perks you would normally get, and then you would have 5 perks? A perk that you buy to have a 5th perk that does nothing? Or maybe Im just confused and dont understand....???? :?: :?: :?:
  6. i like how you are thinking but UV light isnt harmful enough. 1st off UV will only burn the zombies skin or exposed flesh and im pretty sure thats not gonna kill a zombie. 2nd UV light's wave lenghts are shorter than that of normal light meaning its invisble to the naked eye, therefor you couldnt see a gun "shooting" UV light. Plus the thing would have unlimited ammo because you would just be turning a bulb on and off lol well you wouldnt be able to see microwaves either...otherwise the inside of a microwave (oven) would look like some geeky disco Also, the Ray Gun's rays would look like laser beams instead of..ray gun rays, if Treyarch gave a crap about realism in a game with ZOMBIES in it. My pointing-out-the-obvious-rediculousness-of-zombies theory will now conclude with the fact that, in Shangri La you shoot a gun that has a dragon statue on it for the gun's firing mechanism. Since everyone knows dragon statues make for excellent weapons, I suppose you would be completely right. sadly, they only make for good weapons when you throw them. Not to mention the gun is a shrink ray that happens to shrink everything EXCEPT for the zombies' heads. Im jus sayin XD
  7. already posted. :/
  8. Oh yeah...thats true Only problem with that tho is they used the DG-2 to do it in the first place, and how would you reverse the time travel to go down instead of up? Not to mention that according to Richtofen (fail spell), they were lucky to make it out alive. Why would they risk that again to go to a place they escaped from, do to zombie infestation? and what if they run outta Wunderwaffe ammo? What if it doesnt work? etc.
  9. It looks kinda like it could be from the wave gun, but it also looks like the explosion that comes from the Scavenger weapon (CoTD). The big BLOOSH makes a red-ish fiery explosion, so...idk
  10. co-sign this... plus why get all excited about if they're gonna do a zombies movie or not anyway.. 95% of all video game movies are terrible and after being a huge Resident Evil fan and seeing them destroy that videogame storyline with the movies they made was just sad I stopped watching the RE movies after they spend ten minuets in the mansion and the rest of the film below in the facility or "Hive". They butchered those movies... It doesn't even make sense anymore. If they did make a CODZ movie I'd be happy because I'm sure they'd baby it and make sure it had all sorts of cool details and answer things. Though, turning a survival mode in a game into a full-feature movie... That would ruin it. People would hate it because they'd be forced to change things, there would be no way they'd make a three hour movie about four guys locked in a room. But they did make a movie like that...and it was great, and the first zombie movie ever. Night of the Living Dead (or at least the 1st popular one). The black and white one, that is.
  11. I think it goes like this. If a player is inside the QED and a person shoots a zombie, you take that damage. So if all players are dumb enough to get in the thing and kill a zombie.... GAME OVER SCREEN OF DEATH :C Thats my guess. It would suck, sure, but if I was a person that just threw a device which entangles particles and other stuff that I have no clue about...and I didnt know how it would affect, I wouldnt go in there and start shooting projectiles everywhere. Just sayin Sorry about run-on sentence :/
  12. It just clicked for me, if the leaks are true, then JZ was hinting at the PPSH! PPSH=not high caliber...plus its really rare ammo compared to other types (which would make it a bad choice IRL unless you came across a factory that made that particular bullet). It was a unique round for the gun, blah blah blah. Also, high caliber=less ROF...but to get as high ROF as possible with a high-caliber weapon, your looking at something similar to an M4 modified to fire .45 ammo....or something. Anyways, less gun talk and being super technical about it. I agree, probably talking about the PPSH. Or the MG42 XD Which I adored to use on zombies on WaW...it was OP on multiplayer tho. Still dont see why people whined about the MP40 instead of impossibly fast-firing semis and the HMGs...
  13. The reason as to why the Der Reise teleported couldnt be connected to the Moon/Area 51 teleporting network is: Der Reise was made in 1945!!! ITS TOO OLD! It wouldn't even work given a year of no maintenance crew, let alone 20+! Also, it seems the technology might be different...I mean, compare the wunderwaffe to the wave gun. One tech is far more advanced, while still being fueled by the same power source (115). This is why (imo) they couldn't connect. But I mean, who knows? I just wanted to get this out there as a debunking theory. I'm not hatin' on peoples' theories, I just personally think connecting 2 teleporters decades apart in technology would be like trying to run a 70s computer from NASA on today's internet. Or even like trying to connect a calculator to a supercomputer, depending on how different the tech is.
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