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  1. if you throw you black hole bomb out of the map anywear that isnt by the genorator she will laugh and your shit will float up and dissapear
  2. Sam has already said come find me she says it at the end of her scream after you get the dm's
  3. Dude good thought but it has all been posted b4 and i can verify myself that nothing happens when you fly the landers yes you can fly the with the dm's but it dose nothing evan if you time it with sams screm you cannot pap it eather i have tried almost all of these theorys
  4. you always get a max ammo aroun round 4 so ya i am sirous i was just making a post trying to help new zombie players if you dont like what i have to say then dont read it
  5. shipleysk8


    idk i wasnt sure if they were a key to getting further into the easter egg itself or not
  6. shipleysk8


    dose anybody know the poin of the 4 dolls
  7. Normally the zombies only take 4 or 5 shots b4 you can knife them but you can shoot them 8 times in the leg thus far maxing out your point im new here so sorry if this has alredy been said
  8. have you looked into pack-a-punch on the dm's yet im very curios as to what happens i hurd it turns into the god finger plz let me know if you find out i wass get back to you with my results
  9. Idk i have hurd alot of things on the forums i have hurd that you can pap the dm if anybody has any luck with this pleas get back to me
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