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    Screaming in speed cola room... eek! NOW WITH VIDEO

    What? You don't want to hear about anything else from me? Just messin Ok, All I could come up with is jibberish. Since the knocks really don't give you "long keys" just short ones. I don't really see this being morse code. I did say I was going to post the recording, I still am. Just need to find a way to get it off my phone. (Thought SD Card would fit) But in short, I don't think its morse code. But I can say its not "Help me" Help me would have- 4 shorts, 1 short, 1 short 1 long two short, 1 short 2 long 1 short (help) 2 long, 1 short (me) [EDIT] So someone posted is might be SOS. I actually didn't think about listening for that. But it seems in a very large portion of the cycle of knocks, SOS does sound. but this could be nothing. Becasue its just 3 short 3 long 3 short. & Plus the actual standard sos, is S.O.S. which .'s carry many more morse coding.
  2. Willie-Wall

    Screaming in speed cola room... eek! NOW WITH VIDEO

    Hm, thank you for informing me this was here on day one release. I had a trusted friend that said it wasn't. But he isn't a big zombies fan. So I will take your word for it. Although it still makes you wonder, that you can still perform the 'egg' by jumping up and down on the person. Maybe Treyarch did put it in there to prevent stack jumping, but it screwed with the random selection of power ups. Either way, like I said I did notice a great deal of power-ups. But I think there is a downside to it. Because I have also notice they deminsh over time. Maybe it should be done later in the rounds, when people have enough money to rebuy perks, or before everyone buys juggernog. Also, I just got done recording the knocks for 10 mins. I am going to go through it now and see if I can see a pattern. I will post recording later today along with any results I find.
  3. Willie-Wall

    Screaming in speed cola room... eek! NOW WITH VIDEO

    I know morse code, I will go check that out now. Would be kinda cool if that is the case. I also won't be stopping on 'Five' or Kino trying to find these eggs. I have awhile until Ascension is released for PS3. So i'm bound to find something. Concerning the 'power up' egg/glitch. At first that wasn't in there, but once people started jumping ontop of each other to get to the ladder in kino, 3arc put out a patch and that was the result. You can also make the same result if you just jump up and down on the player that is laying down. Now i'm not gonna say it doesn't do ANYthing, becasue I have noticed a great deal of powerups when people did that. But it only lasted for a few rounds. But at 20-30 the powerups was rare and the game always seemed harder. Just think, Samantha laughs at you for a reason I think its 3arc saying "have fun trying to glitch" :lol:
  4. Willie-Wall

    Screaming in speed cola room... eek! NOW WITH VIDEO

    I have been searching my tail off to find any other sounds in all the rooms. I have yet to find anything else. But I have noticed, you will hear the door opening sound most of the time anywhere, if you just stand still with no zombies near. I have also noticed something repeating in Kino, I've tried searching to see if this has been posted, but I haven't seen anything. There are three blood stains on the walls throughout Kino (that i've found so far) that are exactly the same other than the actual size. 1. (Spawn Room) goto area where you would go to the firetrap room. Look on the wall that would be back side of the stairs. You will see a bloodstain that looks very much like a person holding an axe looking device. 2. In the fire trap room as soon as you enter turn to your left and look in the window. You will see it again only in a larger size. 3. On the stage above the Mystery Box Map, where you see two sliding access doors with a plank barrier holding it shut. You will see it again, alond with a bloody hand print. Now I'm not sure if this has anything to do with anything. But my two therioes is this. A. That is a picture of the guy knocking, and also screaming in the two locations mentioned in this thread. or B. It is peter, or someone drawing peter in blood. Becasue it looks like the 'guy' only has one arm and maybe the device he is holding is what he used to dismember himself. I want to set this screaming, knocking guy free. If not only to just shoot him with my ballictic knife for all the times he made me jump while I was wearing my headsets. [Edit] Someone just told me there is 6 of those blood stains and that also a bloodied axe can be found is SNN in a hut. Blood stain that looks like a one armed man holding an axe? I say Peter!

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