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  1. is this for Xbox gamers only? because i only have a ps3
  2. Yeah, they should do 2 zombie maps and 3 multiplayer, and at the end they only show a bit of one of the zombie maps or both of them just like a dude in the video did with leaked info of call of the dead that supposly u get to level up on zombies and get up to 5 prestiges and for more info watch the vid, its already posted by someone go see it
  3. wowowowoow, i think i know why they give it out on xbox first, maybe because when they see our gameplay on xbox, they go and patch them but then when it comes out on ps3, all of the glitches are patched and they dont have to stop black ops for no reason and patch it for ps3
  4. The wooden map is the Berlin Wall map and if u dont beilvie me someone do a comparison
  5. Help please because i maked my userbar but i dont know how to post it. please tell me how to post it and do other cool stuff here on CoDz.com?if the image dont show please tell me how to?
  6. im also new, how can i change my profile pic and put my sigunder my posts??? :?: :?: :?:

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