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  1. I'm English, i live in spain and my black ops is English, It says cannot download in current location!! So angry please help me i dont know what to do i need ascension!
  2. I added my points and it says not available in you location!!!! i live in spain, please help me. im so sad i dont know what to do, i want the map pack now
  3. GAME REPORT - 4 Players (30/1/11) Well, me and Mickyboy101, joined a game with two other people. all with mics. First we waited until round 8 doing the whole MPL thing. We then moved to the war room, buying MP5K's. We waited there 'till round 10. We then bought our way to the power, then got defcon 5 on. We all rolled the box till we got the following weapons Weapons used in game till round 23 (allplayers) : Raygun (PaP) x2 RPK (PaP) x1 Winter's Howl (PaP) x2 Galil (PaP) x1 AK74U (PaP) x1 Can't remember last one We Died after running out of ammo in the PaP Room, Micky
  4. Well, today i decided to do some solo Kino and got up to round 14, I had Calamity & Jane and the AK74FU2 + Monkey bombs. I also had Jugger-Nog, Double Tap Root Beer and Quick Reive soda. I died after running out of ammo, buying an MP40, getting dogs and the gun being to weak to kill them. Was a fun game though and really enjoyed it.
  5. Great Video, alot of stuff I didn't notice first (or fifth) time around. :D
  6. Good, I was starting to wonder what was up with the lack of Ascension stuff. Personally, I think they are teasing us but this has gone a bit far, I mean Ascension comes out on Tuesday and it's Friday! :?:
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