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    How Far Have you Gotten?

    29 in three, then my juggernog glitched... :(
  2. But someone has to be on the lander when picking up letters? And the minigun is like the vorkuta one? And where Exatly I have to shoot the weapons (I mean in the black hole or in the light? We'll try it tomorrow. :D
  3. Or the lander could take you in some secret place... Still trying to figure something out .
  4. It seems that at every possible lander route there is a letter. Maybe we have to find the right route, like SAM if you go clockwise around the pods.
  5. gryfo


    Maybe a trap? I think it is the rocket status, you can see a rocket in red over it. Could be something related to the PaP.
  6. gryfo

    Der Riese Server Exploration

    Xbox has been updated, can someone check the terminal? (I haven't an HDMI yet, so I can't read on Xbox and I will check ps3)
  7. gryfo

    The True identity of the Thief!

    What if his last words are a clue? "The numbers are the key to decypher...." Ah, I translated that, so I'm not sure this was exactly his quote.

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