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  1. surely there has to be some sort of map and legend out there with guns,traps and other points of intrest (dolls,bears and radios etc)
  2. correct me if im wrong but is this the meaning of the ascension loading screen. when Richtofen trapped maxis in teleporter he wound up in ascension russains captured him put him in tiny cell and made him help them with there space program and somehow theres zombies now. if anyone else can make sense of it id love to hear your theories
  3. if anyone can point me in the direction of where i can find a eagle view map of ascension with locations of points of interest let me know or if no thread stick it here :D
  4. are you sure its there everytime? because i noticed this and thought maybe coincidence
  5. Hows the hunt for the eagles eye view of the map? does anyone know where one exists?
  6. after you have put a few films in the projector atleast 2 blow the legs of a zombie with a grenade or PAP ray gun and leave just him alive and watch the films from the juggernog section of the theater if you look closely at the movies there are letters and numbers clearly edited into the film thus maybe the projectionist changes?
  7. you are just assuming though that all these radio messages were recorded inside the theater
  8. have you heard the banging in the dressing room
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