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  1. "Skewer The Winged Beast" Possibly something to do with the ballistic knife or crossbow?
  2. It's a shadow. Birds fly but the shadow remains on the ground/wall. It can be seen in water, but won't get wet due to it being a figure of (a lack of) light. Naturally, you can't see shadows that well at night. Your shadow is a part of you. Shadows appear to follow and lead you as you pass by lights. It's always darker than its surroundings. It goes behind the object, so it appears to "flee" the light source. If there was no sun, you would not be able to naturally see your shadow. This song definitely seems to be from sam's demonic side for a good part. To me it sounds like it's more relating to the conflict of sam and her demonic side and not so much the players in general (ie: her demonic side sees itself as sam's "shadow").
  3. I wonder if it has anything to do with the gersch (sp?) device? Maybe something relating to jumping into/through it? Both purple, the nuke icon could possibly be related as well? Edit: I saw on cod forums someone mentioning that Josh Olin revealed their meanings. Phd was for splash/fall damage.
  4. Is there actually leaked footage or are you talking about the inside xbox video?
  5. I currently do not have access to my xbox. Beat.
  6. I meant as in possible clues left from them. ex. nikolai is quite the drinker, bottle of alchy is found on the bed. More than likely it's leaning towards not meaning anything, just seemed something to mention.
  7. Going off of that, maybe the monkey bomb and bottle of liquor on the bed have a similar relation? Or the big wooden map on the floor with the characters.
  8. Very interesting theory. Something outside of the box. Brains for you!
  9. I'm sure the differences are because the people are drawn from the artists perspective. They aren't going to look spot-on 100% to their in-game counterparts. It's badass. Can't wait to play. I honestly hope that all of the wonder weapons ARE NOT in the new level. One or two are fine, I want challenge, not the strongest weapons handed to me.
  10. Sick. Totally stoked to play a new map haha.
  11. I'm curious on the story, I definitely loved the "feel" of mw2 over black ops but black ops did have a cool campaign.
  12. Mind linking me to the thread? I believe you, I just wanna see his other stuff It's on the cod forums under black ops zombies. Honestly, I try not to go on that forum cause it's complete garbage, it should be on the first couple pages.
  13. Both pictures are fake. They are fan made and the person who made them is a regular poster on cod forums. He made them for fun and it is quite a big thread. He also made a school one. They were all just for fun.
  14. It could be used in the same sense as when you are downed. Hard to say what I think about the ign post. I'd like to believe some of the stuff but I'm just going to wait for an official trailer or when the map drops, it's only a couple weeks.
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