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  1. im glad you figured out that HITSAM means hit sam. congratz on that hard little riddle cracking. :facepalm:
  2. ami the only one who hates how all easter eggs are being found through mods and code reading?id be so much more excited if this code was found through trial and error and not through reading the games codes.stuff like this ruins the easter egg hunting experience for people who wanna find it the good old fashioned way.
  3. my 4 common classes are in my siggy. use em non stop in demo and CTF. if you play either id advise one of those classes.
  4. post a link with where you read Treyarch confirmed this. otherwise gtfo. no need to call us morons.
  5. but their not cosmic silver backs. their monkeys. silver backs are gorillas. not trying to start a big war over that or anything. so i guess imma say that is my thought. i have no way of proving it. and please dont start arguing over silver backs. and i know monkeys and gorillas are technically the same thing and related and all. but i mean the new guys are like lil monkeys. just lil wee guys. not big hairy intimidating guys.
  6. says zombies is an endless wave kinda game i think you can play past 99 but it only saves that high. but lets be honost. itd be hard as balls to make it that far without glitching. you just start to run out of ammo. you can have a flawless method. but thats no good with no ammo. so id say it just stops counting on leaderboard.
  7. ya dude that sucks. i hate how much time i put into it and im sure you put into it. and we dont even get rewarded. i mean sure i know i should be first. but that doesnt gimme the satisfaction a number 1 next to my name could. 8UNh2UKV3SQ heres the video of us killing our selves. strwrsbob screams like a lil girl . love you man!
  8. I was on xbox and ya when I'm on my computer and not my iPod il type it up. It's fairly simple. Just time consuming because zombies take forever to die
  9. i just got out of playing nazi zombies for 6 hours with strwrsbob. we were playing verruckt and were tearing it up. we got to round 45 and decided to kill ourselves so that we could get off and study for midterms. well at the end of the game i had over 1million points. thats enough for the first place spot for high score. also, we got to round 45 so we should be ranked in the low 20s. but of course treyarchs leaderboard screwed us over. our rounds didnt get saved. and my score didnt get saved. however strwrsbob got saved and hes ranked 18th in the world with 684900 points for highscore. wtf. why didnt it save our round and score. thats 6 hours down the drain. and if you dont believe me i have video proof of us killing our selves and it saying you survived 45 rounds and telling me i have over 1million points. stupid glitch.....
  10. k so im pretty sure this was posted a while back about how if you start the hide and go seek game on der riese there is no teddy bear up in the window like there was in World at War. but i have found him! he is actually in the window. however its a glitch where you can see him unless you are directly underneath of it. otherwise it disappears from view. so you need to go stand in the hall way underneath of the window where he normally is and look up. walk back and forth untill you see him. then shoot him. if you move to far while you can see him he will magically disappear. however you can still shoot him while you cant see him. i still have not found anything new with the fly trap although i have a few more ideas that i still need to check out. untill then imma keep hunting around the old maps. il upload a video shortly showing the disappearing bear and checking out the old easter eggs. hopefully closer analysis will reveal some easter eggs even though we thought them all to be found
  11. Probably since your sig is`******* is the worst mod ever.you say your getting trolled yet you ARE trolling Lol see that's funny. Cuz I actually know ******* irl and its a joke I have with him. But way to try and get hype at the prospect of a troll when really you just dont understand or know everything
  12. I know they are so good. I go to taco bell to get em atleast once a week
  13. i was actually thinking that. says in Online MP your first perk changes how you look, i was thinking maybe these perks might change your appearance? and you can only have so many at a time? idk. guess well have to wait and find out.
  14. for makeing a tacos thread? or about the fact that i got trolled and trolled right back. haha. ya i should get banned.
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