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  1. Full Clip 44

    Girl character rant.

    Why would you do that? Even from the beginning you would already have some?? no no im just kidding thats aweful haha. but seriously I don't think it will really be a problem for gameplay. If your worried about playing with someone who is teabagging your downed body rather than reviving you... you prob shouldn't be playing with that person in the first place. Play with people you know and its never going to be an issue. Rarely any luck in public games anyways, teammates are usually awful or mic-less, or both.
  2. Full Clip 44

    The Map is Set in Canada

    "I want to eat your brains eh?"
  3. Full Clip 44


    This is all very hard to believe. Even most cell phones have cameras now..
  4. Full Clip 44

    Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    Just beat my record tonight and got to 36 solo. Now I want to beat my Five record. So addicting :lol:
  5. Full Clip 44

    Ascension MUST take place in the United States.

    It's a good point though I didn't think of it right away but yeah has to be an English speaking location. My money is still on the lighthouse idea. I forget where this idea came from I think there is a portrait of a lighthouse on some map?

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