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  1. Why would you do that? Even from the beginning you would already have some?? no no im just kidding thats aweful haha. but seriously I don't think it will really be a problem for gameplay. If your worried about playing with someone who is teabagging your downed body rather than reviving you... you prob shouldn't be playing with that person in the first place. Play with people you know and its never going to be an issue. Rarely any luck in public games anyways, teammates are usually awful or mic-less, or both.
  2. Treyarch is out west so you guys should get it first I believe. Thats how map pack 1 was. If you live on the east like me, pulling an all nighter is pointless since it doesn't come out until about 5,6 in the morning. you'd be better off going to sleep early and waking up early (I can't I have finals Tuesday mornng :cry: ) Normally this would mean the pacific time zone gets it three hours behind but since treyarch releases it there first, i think that makes it about 2,3am ish. Those out west should be pullin all nighters lol so for those out west I'd say stop reading this and go to bed! ganna be a busy night
  3. I like the idea of them turning back as a distraction. That would be fun haha. But who knows this could kill them and they just drop dead in human form
  4. Yeah my bad I just realized that right after I posted this. How do i delete my topic?
  5. KuYWRts7Qs4 Watch carefully at 1:03 The new wonder weapon fires some kind of powerful energy at a regular zombie (not romero) and the zombie quickly turns into a regular person. The shot cuts right after this so we have no way of knowing if they stay that way or what What could this be?
  6. I agree with these posts, there probably a lot to him, like he only gets aggressive when you shoot at him or something. I bet we see him get infected (or whatever the hell happens to him) in an opening cut scene; hence he is there right from round one
  7. He has a stage light because they were originally filming a movie out there
  8. Yeah im pretty sure that says RPK down in the corner. But it looks nothing like the RPK. Also, what sniper would have 100 bullets in a mag. Or maybe its that thing where when you press the gun swap button the words come up before the gun does in the vid he switches to that gun from the rpk i thought
  9. Expect something on the Dashboard by the end of the day what makes you say that?
  10. I have a feeling the lighting is going to be amazing for this map. If the whole map was pretty dark but then every couple seconds (as the lighthouse flashes by) there is a quick burst of light. For that second you could see everything really well all at once especially just how many zombies are actually chasing you!
  11. polar bears or maybe zombie penguins :lol:
  12. Or maybe just not get ahead of ourselves and focus on one thing at a time, we still don't hardly know anything about Call of the Dead
  13. Hey we should include Map Pack 4 theories in here too :P
  14. That's a good point, but I don't know who does the voice acting for any of the current characters either. One thing though, is the fact that when Danny Trejo posted about working with Treyarch on the new Zombie map, he had a picture of himself covered in the blue motion detecting balls that they use in animation. So most likely these four actors are not only just doing the voices but are going to be animated as well. Personally, I would rather have them be playing fictional characters rather than playing themselves. Either way, These new characters are going to look (at least body type ) and sound like the actors themselves. That is, if the picture was true.
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